Outlander at Wizard World Chicago – Exciting Photo Opportunities!

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This is truly an exciting year for fans of Outlander – the number of cons that cast members are attending through the end of the year keeps growing! News from today included appearances at New York ComicCon, the first time Outlander has been represented since before the show started, when Ron Moore and Diana Gabaldon participated. Of course, many fans are disappointed that Outlander will not be appearing at San Diego ComicCon, but this event is very difficult to get tickets for, and in the last few years, the show has done something every other year, so it’s not surprising that this is the “off” year.

While it’s great to be able to take pictures with the stars, they tend to be the same ol’, same ol’. Plain background, you and star, often a hug, quick pic, exciting to you, but could the memory and the photo be better? Well, yes. Yes, it could be.

Attendees of Wizard World Chicago, August 23-26, will get a chance for an upgraded photo experience! While it’s not yet on the Wizard World site, threeifbyspace has learned exclusively that a well-known replica prop company, Experience Entertainment, will be bringing a complete Outlander fan experience to the show – and you’ll be able to have your celebrity photos taken within a reproduction of Craigh na Dun!

Kim LeMay, one of the company’s owners, told me that they’ll be providing the standing stones photo set, and for an extra cost (above the price of standard photos), you’ll be able to schedule your photo opportunity with the Outlander stars within the set. The extra charge may be significant – no prices or purchase links are on the Wizard World site yet, and Wizard World didn’t get back to me in time for this article. But for those of you looking for a once-in-a-lifetime photo, this may be the thing for you. Period costumes that you can wear, and a range of props for the photos will also be available! You’ll also be able to take photos with the set and props, without the celebrities, if you choose that option. More details and prices will be coming.

Kim told me, “Wizard World is working at discovering what fans want. We’ll be part of a whole section dedicated to Outlander – a whole walk through, including Craigh Na Dun. We’ll have some really amazing photo opportunities available.”

Experience Entertainment will also be bringing special photo opp sets for other fandoms as well – they are the owners of Thor The Impala, a  screen-accurate replica of Baby, the 1967 Chevy Impala from Supernatural. Thor is professionally restored and filled with all of the most cherished details, right down to the Legos in the vent, and little green army man in the ashtray! The weapons trunk is even fully stocked and ready to go on a hunt! Thor has been autographed by almost the entire cast of Supernatural, and has even worked with many of them at appearances.

Other photo sets include the TARDIS from Doctor Who, and the Shire from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. There’s no word yet if Graham McTavish will take photos with the Shire set – he’s currently the only LOTR-world star (yes, he was in the Hobbit trilogy, but that’s the LOTR world) currently booked for Wizard World. Personally, I’m still hoping that Billy Boyd, who played Pippin in Lord of the Rings, and will have a role in this upcoming season of Outlander, will be announced for Wizard World.

I’ll continue to update information on this experience as it comes in. For the latest information on Outlander at Wizard World Chicago, join our Facebook group or go to the Wizard World site.

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