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Playstation Church?

I have to say it was strange that they started the Playstation conference in a church. The whole beginning was strange and choppy with some weird transitions. First they had a banjo player that gave you a hint at the game they were about to announce. Once they cut to the game preview the entire thing made sense. They made the announcements at the beginning short and sweet but then when they moved over to the different venue it sort of ruined the flow. We went back to the announcers outside who gave some more information about different games. Then back to the Playstation conference and to another instrumental break and straight into trailers. From that moment it was nonstop action, let’s break it down.

The Last of Us

Playstation really came out swinging didn’t they? The whole story behind conference setting with finally made sense. It was the exact same church from the game, which is cool but a bit excessive. I know they had a lot of big stuff to announce, but starting it off with probably the most anticipated game was surprising. The character models are gorgeous; every movement is practically flawless and you can feel every emotion on their face. We got some gameplay footage as well. It shows Ellie sneaking through an area and kicking major ass. The game looks pretty spectacular. I haven’t even played the first one but that’s going to change soon.

After the trailer and gameplay the entire audience moved into the real venue. During that time we got a quick sneak peek at the new Destiny DLC and WHAT? Did he just kill Cayde?! Holy crap. They then showed some footage of the previously announced Black Ops 4 and I might pick it up. I was a massive Black Ops 1 fan, then 2 came out and my clan broke up because half of us bought it half of us didn’t, it was depressing. If you pre-order Black Ops 4 you can get a free download of Black Ops 3, which is pretty cool! Added to the mix was random non-Playstation exclusive game snippets including one I personally think looks adorable: Ghost Giant. From what we’ve seen it’s almost reminiscent of a VR Animal Crossing or something like that. I might pick that up too.

Now the Main Event

Ghost of Tsushima

After the short, yet clunky, break, we got right back into it. They opened with an instrumental piece and showed a bit of the game before launching into an actual preview. Ghost of Tsushima has arrived. The most obvious thing about this game is how gorgeous it looks. Every leaf is detailed and the way the environment moves around the character looks real. This combat looks like a lot fo fun. Just from the preview it almost feels like the Arkham style combat, which I really love so that will be fun.

All in all for me this game isn’t one that I plan on picking up, but I know a lot of people are excited about it. Next up is Control, which looks awesome. I don’t really know what it’s about, but it looks like something I’d really be interested in playing. The environment bending looks really cool, I’m curious what the story is about though.

Through the Eyes of a…Mouse?

At first I thought we were getting a “Great Mouse Detective” video game. A mouse witnessing a murder and then having to alert the authorities to the killer. Boy was I wrong (and obviously joking). This is the trailer for the new Resident Evil remake! I sort of played the originals (by that I mean I rented them for all of a week and played at them but never got into them), but this is giving me a reason to want to pick them up. I played Biohazard and absolutely loved it and I know a ton of people who are beyond excited about them so I really do want to try them out. Release date of this bad boy is January 25, 2019! That’s so dang soon!

Next up: SQUANCH GAMES IS BACK BABY! We get another new title from the beloved and whacky Justin Roiland, of Rick and Morty fame. Another game full of absolute insanity and I’m all for it!

Wait For It

The next trailer pretty much had me in tears. I cannot lie. Kingdom Hearts has been a huge part of my life. The first two will forever go down as my favorite video games of all time. There is no telling how many hours young me sunk into that game. I’m also a giant Pirates of the Caribbean nerd. I love every and all things pirate related so that was one of my favorite levels from the second one! I can’t wait especially because I just rewatched the trailer and I still tear up. There is going to be ship battles! What! Plus not to mention all of the Disney movies that are bound to be featured in this new one.

I literally cannot wait for January 29th! We also get a look at the gorgeous Kingdom Hearts Playstation 4 Pro, I think I need to get that too. It also looks like they’re going to give us 3, 1.5, 2.5, and 2.8 plus a special in game Keyblade in a package for $99.99, check it out here!

Here’s the trailer:

The Other Most Anticipated Game

In 2014 Playstation users across the world were graced with a demo unlike anything they’ve seen before. It held such horror, suspense, and mystery people just ate it up. There were so many bizarre elements to it and so many great jump scares. That demo was PT, created by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro and starring Norman Reedus. Unfortunately, that game was cancelled with no real explanation.

A few years later at this very conference in 2016, a shimmer of hope came. Death Stranding. We got a small preview with killer music and ever since then the anticipation has been strong. They teased a little bit more in 2017, but Monday they gave us even more. There was gameplay, more characters, and we got to see some more of those creepy things! What’s up with the baby! It still makes absolutely no sense, but I seriously cannot wait to play this game. Fingers crossed we’ll get a date at E3 in 2019!

Out with a Bang!

We got an ever so tiny Nioh 2 trailer. I never played the first one so I can’t comment much on that.

Playstation’s conference started with a bang and ended with a bang! They decided to end with the Spiderman trailer and oh man does that look great! There are so many bad guys and the combat looks fun. Spidey swung through the world with ease. The suit looks and the environment look great! Plus, Spidey sense! This game looks delightful and I’m definitely excited to play it. Look for that release on September 7th of this year!

Wrapping it All Up

After a very lengthy presentation, with a few bumps in the beginning, overall I think it was a decent conference. They gave us a lot of great gameplay and showcased some games I know I’m looking forward to. We got an even bigger hint of what Death Stranding is about, but no release date yet. I loved the little hints of Dreams throughout the conference, but I’m really surprised we didn’t get anymore information about that game. I hope it’s fun.

In typical Playstation fashion there was only one speaker and that was President and CEO Shawn Layden. It always makes the conference flow better because you’re not stopping to listen to the Devs talk. The sad part though is you don’t get to see the excitement on their faces. I am really happy with this conference and I think that Playstation has a lot of great things in store for us in the future!

Want more E3 news? Stay tuned to Three if By Space!

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