Preview | Humans June 26 | Laura’s Big Plan

By: Karen Kennedy Rutledge
AMC Humans preview scifi Synths

IMHO, Laura’s big plan to normalize relations between humans and sentient Green-Eyed Synths has a pretty slim chance of success. Something is bound to go wrong in AMC’s Humans S3E4 when the Dryden Commission visit the Railyards, right?

Despite Dr. Neil’s wee grin of encouragement, Laura is likely headed for a big disappointment, especially if Agnes gets her way. And the Commission Member’s Orange Eye Synth companions tagging along feels like adding fuel to the fire.

What if one or more of the rogue Orange Eyes are actually on the Commission bus? Could others be lying in wait near the Railyards? I sense a Synth dust up!

Oh, gosh, I just had a terrible thought. What if Stanley is a bad Orange Eye? I would be crushed! Please, Stan The Man, if you must go rogue, be on Laura’s side!

Will the dynamic duo of Max and Anatole be able to keep Agnes and other rebel Green Eyes under control during the Commission’s visit? Well, Anatole’s courtesan skills might really come in handy here.

Other burning questions…

  • Will Joe be Karen’s hero?
  • What would happen if Mattie confesses?
  • What will happen if Niska gets information about the rogue Orange Eyes?
  • Will Mia find an ally in her quest to promote peace?


I’ll be back next week with a review. Happy watching!

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