Preview: Humans Returns TONIGHT

By: Karen Kennedy Rutledge
AMC Humans preview scifi Synths

ICYMI, the AMC Humans Season 3 premiere is only hours away. Looks like everyone’s ready for the party!


What should we expect in the Season 3 premier? The story has certainly moved to a whole new level, past the family and relationship orientations of Seasons 1 and 2, respectively.

It’s been a chaotic year since the Synths became sentient. There’s an improved Synth model with orange eyes. Leo remains in a coma so it will be Max and Mia leading their green-eyed group in navigating the reality of an expanded world.

There will new faces, of course. Joining Laura and the other humans is behavioral scientist Neil. I think I’m really going to like him and his limited social skills.

In the Synth world, there are fresh-faced green-eyed characters like Anatole who serves as special advisor to Max and the opinionated rebel Agnes. Their varied viewpoints are sure to bring an interesting dynamic. In the submissive 100% safe orange-eyed group, I can’t wait to meet super-hero Stanley, Laura’s Synth, who seems somewhat comical in the promos.

Outside the Box

So what do you love most of about this series? It’s thought-provoking for me, taking me outside my own little world. How would I interact with Synths? It probably won’t happen in my lifetime but I imagine it will be something my grandchild will experience. Have you thought about what it would be like for you?

<Big sigh> So glad this day is finally here. Will you be watching?

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