Preview | Humans | Tonight – “They Deserve Better”

By: Karen Kennedy Rutledge
AMC Humans preview scifi Synths

So many thoughts swirling around about Humans Season 3 and what we may see in tonight’s episode. Yes, it’s great sci-fi, but it’s also hitting very close to current life on Planet Earth. What we’re seeing in Humans is the best and worst of humanity.

Is it too much to hope that a TV series about artificial intelligence could help us become more human and, as a result, advance peaceful coexistence? I ask because the words in this image have been stuck in my brain since the June 5 premiere.

My answer is, “No, it’s not too much to hope for.” While the series itself is not some sort of magic pill that will make each of us be better humans, it does promote dialogue, an important step in solving the world’s problems.

Thank you to director Jill Robertson and writers Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent for providing high-quality entertainment that makes us think and encourages dialogue! These three and the great cast have made me care about the characters – humans and Synths. I want Laura to find new allies in her quest to help Leo, Max, Mia and all the Synths I love survive the Synth Revolution. [And now, The Who “Won’t Get Fooled Again” lyrics are stuck in my head.]

I’m hoping two new characters introduced tonight will be in the Laura-Synth-Allies category – Orange-Eyed Stanley (Dino Fetscher) and Scottish behavioral scientist Neil (Mark Bonnar). My hopes are high!

Why? Because, as we’ll hear tonight, “They deserve better. We all do.”

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