The Handmaid’s Tale 212 Preview Postpartum – The Milk of Human Kindness

Get ready for an exciting episode! The Handmaid’s Tale airs its penultimate episode before the Season Finale! So many questions left unanswered. What will become of Emily? Having her Commander die while trying to impregnate her carries a great deal of notoriety. And what of June, her baby taken away from her? How will she cope with Holly’s absence? What becomes of the Waterfords? Are Fred and Serena now Parents of the Year in  Gilead soceity or struggling to adapt to the changes that a newborn brings into the house?

What Is Love?

What will become of Eden, our innocent child bride, sworn to protect all that Gilead stands for? With her relationship with Isaac, are they doomed to be tragic lovers or somehow receive God’s forgiveness and survive another day? June and Nick may have plenty to think about in the aftermath of June’s abandonment and Nick’s part in Fred’s little “gift” to June. Is Fred secretly in love with June, or are his feelings based in his desire to control her destiny and have her at his mercy? And what will become of baby Holly? Is she going to be well cared for in a house filled with hostility and violence or feel the loss of her dear mother?

Whatever fates are awaiting our characters, there is a sense of gloom and unabashed terror growing in Gilead now. With June clearly traumatized and Emily serving a new Commander, it’s going to be a hell of a ride! 


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Nancy Hibberd