Chookity! Final Space Cast Interviews from SDCC 2018

Chookity! Final Space Cast Interviews from SDCC 2018

By: Tom Gardiner
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You know the old saying, “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.”, right? Having told more than my fair share of bad jokes I can personally attest to the veracity of that statement. But in the case of Olan Rogers, the owner of the grey matter responsible for Final Space, it was even harder. And his toenail clippings are smarter than my entire brain on a good day.

Mixing comedy with science fiction is hard, man. Like inserting-the-USB-plug-correctly-the-first-time hard. Success with animated scifi comedy makes that USB analogy look like a piece of cake … or a freshly-baked cookie. But they pulled it off, man!

To quote H.U.E. – “The outcome was never in our favor, Gary.”

Chookity! Final Space Cast Interviews from SDCC 2018The TBS show is their youngest-skewing original series and has reached more than 20 million viewers. And if you’re wondering, yes, Final Space has already been picked up for a second season. If you haven’t watched it yet or want binge on it like Gary in a cookie warehouse, check out TBS‘ handy link Ways to Watch: FINAL SPACE.

TiBS caught up with the Final Space gang at SDCC and we grilled them like big, old slabs of spacemeat. (I really have to stop using food references. I just took a 10-minute break to make a sandwich.) This lively bunch were more than happy to talk about the joy of being on the show.

We spoke with Olan Rogers, Tika Sumpter, Coty Galloway, Tom Kenny, & EP David Sacks (click on linked names for Twitter accounts). So sit back, grab a couple of your favorite cookies, make sure KVN isn’t around, and enjoy the interviews!

NOTE: This video window is to the playlist with all five interviews. Start watching and you’ll find them all right there. Ain’t we nice?

Now, don’t you feel smarter after watching those interviews? We all learned how over the course of season one Final Space made a planned evolution from goofball comedy to an emotionally rich tale. Those emotions and viewers’ investment in the characters actually helped to make the show even funnier. Watching the later episodes it’s not unusual to find yourself laughing one minute and crying the next. The world building on this show goes way beyond most animated (and a lot of non-animated) fare.

Chookity! Final Space Cast Interviews from SDCC 2018It’s not hyperbole at all when I say this has become one of my favorite shows and I hope you feel the same. But if you don’t, too bad, sucker, because Final Space is coming back for a second season. So shove that news in your cookie hole and chew on it a while. The rest of us are going to binge rewatch season one repeatedly until then. Please join us.

And a HUGE thank-you to TBS and all the Final Space gang for their kindness and generosity. This literally wouldn’t have been possible without them.

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