Humans | Preview | Double-Header Finale

By: Karen Kennedy Rutledge
AMC Humans preview scifi Synths

It looks like we’re getting a Humans double-header tonight, beginning at 11 pm / 10 Central. My XFINITY guide indicates Episode 3.8 will immediately follow 3.7. Hang on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

While some fun travel opps and a power outage knocked me off my Humans game, I am home and ready to watch. While we’re waiting, let’s talk Episode 3.6.

Spoilers ahead, matie, if you haven’t watched. It was action-packed.

  • After the rebel Synths began wreaking havoc, Operation Basswood was launched.
  • Mattie learned she’s pregnant, told by Stanley, no less, and shared the news with Leo.
  • Max literally got a clue when he smashed Anatole’s wall and saw the rebel bomb stash.
  • Stanley’s sentient secret was revealed but he redeemed himself, thank goodness.
  • Niska’s mysterious visions took her to a dangerous place but she escaped only to be talked into getting into Paul the bartender’s trunk. (Not feeling good about this one either, Niska.)
  • Mia got her chance to address the Dryden Commission but was taken into custody after, I hope for her own protection.
  • There was definitely no one to protect Agnes and I fear she is now doomed.
  • And then there’s Laura, who made an incredibly hard choice when tricked by Anatole that led to Sam choosing Anatole over Laura and her family. The last time we saw her, wandering down the street, she seemed lost.

The wheels of both the rebel Synths plan and Option Basswood are in motion. Is there any chance the humans and Synths can find a path to peace? Will Sam, Sophie and possibly Leo and Mattie’s baby, be the bridge to the future?

Laura, find your way home and start trying out the grandmother names. I vote for Lala!

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