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Humans Preview | Episode 3.5 Airs Tonight 11/10 Central

By: Karen Kennedy Rutledge
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Heads up that Humans airs at a different time tonight. Look for it on #AMC at 11 Eastern / 10 Central. 

We’ve reached the halfway mark in Season 3. It’s been an exciting ride so far.

We’ve regained Leo and lost Karen. My high hopes that Dr. Neil and Stanley will join Laura’s pro-Synth cause have dimmed, but not yet died.

There’s one more bright spot. Max and the pro-human Green Eyes may have even won at least a measure of support from the Dryden Commission.

NEW TIME TONIGHT: 11 Eastern / 10 Central

While Max and Mia are still hoping for the best from humans, Agnes remains skeptical and literally boxed in by Max. How many supporters does she actually have in her anti-human cadre?

How is Sam dealing with Karen’s death? Will Joe and Laura be willing and able to help him through it?

Word is spreading that it was Mattie who uploaded the code, bringing the Green Eyes to life. Will her life be in danger?

And what about the Orange Eyes? Will they join Agnes?

All I know for sure? Stanley gives me the heebie-jeebies in this clip.

NEW TIME TONIGHT: 11 Eastern / 10 Central

I’m anxious to see where Niska’s relationship with Astrid is headed. Is it me or does Niska seem to be way more into the relationship than Astrid? Well, Niska has always been on the intense side. We’ll see if Astrid is worthy.

Again, Humans airs at a different time tonight. Catch it on #AMC at 11 Eastern / 10 Central and check out my review..

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