Humans Preview | Episode 3.6 | The Danger Within

By: Karen Kennedy Rutledge
AMC Humans preview scifi Synths

Danger lurks everywhere on Humans tonight. And we’ll have to wait that extra hour again. Like last week, it airs at 11 / 10 Central.

There’s danger within the Green Eyes community. Synth on Synth violence may even be likely.

There’s danger within the human community. As the tension rises, neighbors will surely turn against each other.

Then there’s the danger that the rebel Green Eyes are planning against humans, even those who are on their side. I fear we will again see the worst of humanity.

What can we expect tonight?

Niska’s back, yay. Ever mysterious, she does seem to bring things on herself. Will she have to give up Astrid to complete her quest, or maybe even her own life?

There’s danger within the Synth community. Anatole and Agnes have teamed up and they’re up to no good.

They’re also drawing in Stanley which will bring danger into Laura’s home. Actually, it looks like danger is coming at her down multiple avenues.

Mia and Max are committed to non-violence and Mia is taking it up a notch. Hope she gets her chance to address the Dryden Commission.

Leo and Mattie are planning a journey just when they’re needed at home. Will they be there tonight to help when the chips are down?

Then there’s grieving Sam. Children often lead the way, even though we often choose not to follow. What role will they all play in saving humanity?

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