Humans Review | Episode 3.5 | Oh, Stanley, the Humanity

By: Karen Kennedy Rutledge
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Stanley, you Orange-Eyed hunk of a machine, I can’t bear to think you’re ALL BAD! Even after seeing the Humans Episode 3.6 preview, I still hold a glimmer of hope that you will find your humanity and with it a heart that would lead you to save Laura and her family from Anatole’s subversive plan. And, OK, save Dr. Neil, too.

Despite the Stanley shocker, I loved this episode. Maybe it has something to do with Lars Lundstrom’s writing? Lundstrom, who provided the Humans source material, his fellow writer Jonathan Harbottle and director Ben A. Williams gave the actors a wonderful, humanity-filled canvas this week.

Anatole, No Eve Titus Mouse

Yes, the Green-Eyed Synths of Humans are exhibiting the best and worst of humanity. I sensed a few episodes into Season 3 that both Stanley and Anatole might be too good to be true, but the depth and breadth of Anatole’s ego was a surprise. Not impressed by the Dryden Commission’s step forward to protect Synths, he is ready to take steps of his own, in a totally different direction.

I take it that it’s Anatole who has corrupted the Orange Eyes code in order to take control in a what would inevitably lead to another worldwide catastrophe. And all this time I thought Agnes was the big threat – wrong!

Leo and Mattie

At any other time, we could probably count on hybrid Leo and Mattie with her magnificent coding skills to sort through the mess and save humanity. But she made a grave error, being sucked in by Malware Audrey playing damsel in distress in order to access Mattie’s computer. Now Ms. Malware knows Mattie’s Day Zero secret and it’s bound to make global news. I fear no one will trust Mattie then.

Dr. Neil

Poor, conflicted Dr. Neil. He seems to love and hate Laura at the same time. I did love it, though, when he showed up at her doorstep, with champagne and an apology, only to be greeted by Joe — awkward. “Neil from work” did regain some of my respect by not turning tail and running when Laura dropped the “my husband” reference. If Stanley is truly ALL BAD, you’re my only hope, Obi-Neil Bonnar.

Laura and Joe

Yep, I lumped them together. They have their hands full with young, grieving Sam who wants to reanimate his deceased Synth mother Karen so badly he tried to track down her body. They so need Leo’s wisdom gained from his unique hybrid view to help Sam. Laura, call Leo. Don’t let him put you off with some story about a journey he needs to take. You’ve got your hands full, with crazy family dynamics, Dr. Neil, Sam, Stanley (who is supposed to be making life easier) and, of course, Mia. Find help other than just authorizing Stanley to enter the bedrooms, for “laundry” purposes.

Mia and Max

With Laura’s help, Mia is gaining support for expanded Synth rights. She’s also gaining support from some surprising sources. Didn’t you love the neighbor and Green-Eyed Dorian? (He reminded me of John Dory on The Walking Dead – such a kind soul.) Team M, Mia and gate-opening Max, can they out maneuver Team A, anarchist Anatole and Agnes? I think Niska, and maybe Astrid, will be a big factor in the Team A & M showdown.

Episode 3.6

Like Dr. Neil, I’m conflicted. I pretty much dread the next episode but can’t wait for it to air. Will you be watching?

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