Salvation: “Crimes and Punishment” – Preview

Tomorrow night, join me in watching a brand new episode of Salvation: “Crimes and Punishment”. Loyalties will be tested, rules will be broken, and there might be a slight chance that the world won’t blow up! If you thought life was super rough for our main characters, while they were separated, you would be sorely mistaken.

Grace and Darius have a new relationship, but it’s not one that any of us wanted. As Vice President, Darius must do whatever it takes to save the world from war and the asteroid. It’s pretty hard to be thinking about romantic relationships when you basically have the weight of the world on your shoulders. On top of everything, Darius seems to know that Grace and Harris are hiding something. He will get the truth out of them, eventually. But, how long will Grace last on this emotional roller coaster? I’m not saying she’s going to crack, but there’s really only so far a person can go with death on their hands. She needs someone to help her!

Liam and Jillian are once again forced apart. Jillian has uncovered something very interesting: Joe was not really Joe. I knew there was something fishy about his death! Now, who the hell was this guy and why was he on the ARK? Under an alias no less. Jillian will figure it out, especially with Darius’ help. Hopefully, it won’t put her in harms way, though. And then, there’s Liam. Liam has met a new lady friend and I feel like there may be some trouble in paradise soon. Especially, when we see them making out in the trailer. Come on, dude! Get yourself together. Honestly, all I can do is shake my head in major disappointment. What will happen next?

Salvation: “Crimes and Punishment”, is going to be crazy! Tune in to CBS, Monday night at 10/9c (special time for tomorrow only!). Relationships are on the line and so is the survival for humanity. Don’t miss a moment of it!



Official Synopsis

Loyalties are tested when Grace is asked to lie under oath. Also, Darius tasks Liam with a dangerous mission, and a shocking act of violence plunges the nation into chaos.


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