The Doctor Who Panel from SDCC 2018 Is Here!

The Doctor Who Panel from SDCC 2018 Is Here!

By: Tom Gardiner
doctor who Hall H panel sdcc
The Mission:

Going into San Diego Comic-Con 2018 the top thing on my “Con Bucket List” was the Doctor Who panel. With Jodie Whittaker announced as the first female Doctor in the show’s history I couldn’t miss it. She’s an amazing actor and I wanted to see how she would react to the infamous Hall H and its expansive crowds.

Mission: Possible.

The Doctor Who Panel from SDCC 2018 Is Here!

Mandip Gill & Tosin Cole stop by the BBC America booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Mission Report:

Jodie Whittaker did not disappoint, nor did any of the others who attended. Every minute of the panel was pure Whovian joy. All 6,500 of us were elated to meet the new Doctor and her friends.

Accompanying Whittaker was Tosin Cole (“Ryan”) and Mandip Gill (“Yasmin”). Unfortunately, Bradley Walsh (“Graham”) couldn’t attend, but he did leave us with a funny video clip. Due to convention rules, I couldn’t film it, but I hope BBC America will soon have it online for fans to see. Bradley Walsh looks like he’d be fun to work with and to just be around. I’m pretty stoked to meet Graham on-screen after his video message.

Joining them on the outside of the TARDIS was new head writer and executive producer Chris Chibnall. Finally, rounding out the panel was Matt Strevens, Executive Producer for BBC Studios. These guys make the show happen and are quite engaging to boot.

The Video:

Please allow me to apologize for the first few minutes of video. With an aisle seat and people milling about at first my camera’s auto-focus, and often my view, was out of whack. But once things settled down just past the 3 minute mark, everything’s clean and clear.

The rest of the panel was pure joy. There are a few breaks in the video because filming projected images is not permitted. Two things not shown were these videos: The first was How Jodie Whittaker Really Got To SDCC and the second was the First Doctor Who Teaser Trailer.

Just click those links to get a fuller experience of how the panel played out. Start with the link to how Jodie got to SDCC before the panel, then hit the teaser trailer link when they mention it in the panel. This will literally fill in some of the gaps if you haven’t already seen them.

With those links and the panel below, it’s almost as if you were there yourself only without all the legendary queues to stand in.

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