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The Handmaid’s Tale 213 Preview The Word – One Down, One to Go

The Season 2 Finale of The Handmaid’s Tale will have you gasping at the developments that have happened in Gilead in such a short time. Now that Nick is grieving and feeling guilty about Eden, will he and June ever have what they want? With Holly/Nicole seemingly safe in the Waterford house, how long will it be before June is off on her next assignment?

House of the Rising Sun

Emily’s new placement in the Lawrence household is full of uncertainty. Who is this Commander who speaks to her in a pre-Gilead way? What does he want from her? Is it information? Is he interested in her as an informant? Or is there another reason why he sounds less than devout in quoting the pat Gilead scripture?

The Book of Love

With Eden’s death still so fresh in her mind, has Serena been enlightened by her former servant’s brave Bible verses before her execution? Surely the horror of seeing her drown has affected Serena in some capacity. And is Fred still as as devoted to the cause? Horrible deeds can change hearts! Has there been enough pain and suffering dealt out to keep things in order?

Sweet Child of Mine

Will June remain content to be the wet nurse to Holly/Nicole? Or will it spur her on to find Hannah? With her maternal instincts on overdrive, June’s fighting spirit is back. What is God’s plan under His eye? Take a final thrilling journey with us next week on Hulu!



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