The Walking Dead | Extended Trailer | Season 9 Premieres October 7

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So much good news coming out of #SDCC. We now have an exciting extended trailer and an actual premiere date – October 7, 9/8 Central.

So, what have we learned from the extended trailer that we didn’t see in the short one released earlier?

First and foremost, the baby’s here after what seemed like the longest pregnancy in history. Yep, we have a time jump to the new reality.

Looks like Negan is behind bars and everyone else is on the same side. Hmm, I’ll believe that when I see it.

We saw more familiar faces like Carol and Father Gabriel. We also saw conflict, lots of conflict.

It’s a new world they’re building but just because they build it doesn’t mean everyone will come. I think Negan’s right, it may just be a pretty picture.

They may all be on the same side against the walkers but Michonne’s right, too. They need rules. They’re human after all. And if I were Maggie, I could never forgive Negan.

Sadly, we got absolute confirmation that this will be Lincoln’s last season as Rick. On the bright side, especially for comic book fans, there will be some new characters they’ll recognize.

Samantha Morton will portray Alpha in Season 9. Morton’s work includes roles in Minority Report and Emma, pictured here with Kate Beckinsale.

More news will likely be trickling out. Again, now’s a good time to snag any Rick / Lincoln TWD souvenirs. Happy shopping and watching!

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Karen Kennedy Rutledge