The Walking Dead | Trailer | Season 9 to Air in October

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AMC released The Walking Dead Season 9 trailer today at #SDCC. Air date still TBD but in October.

I’m excited to see what changes the fourth showrunner and long-time writer Angela Kang may bring to the table. Predecessor Scott Gimple has said it will take a different path, unlike what we’ve seen before.

So what can we glean from the Season 9 trailer? Familiar faces and a truce, maybe.

I saw Maggie, Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Rosita and Jerry (kissing someone!) along with some new faces. Did I miss anyone?

Looks like Maggie has definitely taken the leader role from Rick and united with Daryl, no surprise. As she still doesn’t look pregnant, either there’s no time jump or, possibly, a significant one.

It does seem from the camp setting that they’re settled in with a truce in place, although tenuous at best. The wise Michonne is likely spot-on in telling Maggie she needs to put rules and agreements in place, not just for their own group but between all the communities.

Then there’s Negan’s sweet, creepy voice, indicating he will be his usual disruptive self, one way or another. I adore Jeffrey Dean Morgan, not in a stalker way like those fans he has to shoo off his farm, but in an appreicative way for his remarkable talent to make us love and hate him at the same time. He makes the most delicious villain, doesn’t he?

I sure hope he and other lead actors sign on for any future seasons. We’ve lost too many good ones already and it’s been reported that both Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan are phasing out. 

Not sure what’s in the works for Lincoln. Sounds like Cohan’s star is on the rise, though, according to IMDb. Check out Whiskey Cavalier with Scandal’s Scott Foley and Mile 22 with Mark Wahlberg.

So now’s a good time to snag any Lincoln or Cohan TWD mementos or holiday gifts. Happy shopping and watching!

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Karen Kennedy Rutledge