DISCLAIMER: The Titans trailer is rated TV-MA, please watch with caution:


Not Your Children’s Titans

The trailer premiered at San Diego Comic Con today. Let me tell you, I have seen this trailer about 5 times today and every single time I got chills. It is super dark, but there is something so enticing about that. I am a huge Geoff Johns fan and this project is his brain child. He really wanted to go to a different level with this and because of the upcoming DC Universe launch (if you’re unsure of what that is check it out here) he was able to assemble a team that to do exactly that. Johns said that this season, which I believe he said will be 13 episodes, will focus mostly on Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing) and Rachel Roth (Raven). It picks up during the time that Dick is trying to get away from Batman. He wants to be his own person and so he decides to break off. According to Johns he’s angry and not sure of where to go next when he meets up with Raven, who is also looking for her place in the world.


Dan Didio and Geoff Johns during SDCC’s Geoff Johns spotlight panel

Johns said that he really wanted to get back to the roots of Teen Titans and push it to the limits like the comic books of the past. As some of you may know, Johns has actually written a run on Teen Titans! It’s a great book and everyone who is interested in this show should go check it out; here’s the link to DC’s site on it. At today’s DC Panel Dan Didio and Johns announced that Doom Patrol will be the next show after Titans. They’re going to make an appearance in the Titans world, but their show will be a bit more lighthearted. Johns said it’s like how the Flash is to the Arrow, but not as light-hearted as the Flash. This show looks great and I can’t wait to watch it!


DC Universe’s 4th title announced Geoff Johns’ “Stargirl”

Getting Personal

The fourth title that will be coming to the DC Universe is “Stargirl” Geoff Johns’ very own creation. It’s based off of his sister, who passed away in a plane crash in ’96, and is about a young girl who discovers that her stepfather used to be a sidekick. She finds his suit and decides to try it on. From there she decides that the superhero life is for her! She later joins the Justice Society of America and Johns teased that they’ll be making an appearance as well! Johns has full reign over this project. He’s not only writing it, but he’s producing it as well. It’s going to be a huge undertaking for him, but I know he’ll be able to rock it.

The other title launching under DC Universe is the Swamp Thing. Didio described it as a total horror show. I’m excited for that one too, though we didn’t get any information about it! They also discussed that there will be a Harley Quinn cartoon coming to the platform, as well as a ton of comics! I’m excited about this and I know that I will definitely be covering all that the DC Universe has to offer!

Keep checking back for everything SDCC!

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