Killjoys: The Lady, A Cleansing…& A Baby – Review, EP. 404

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At long last, we’ve gotten our first close-up taste of The Lady…and she’s (or It’s?) not to be trifled with. Episode 404 of Killjoys delivered all those little aspects of the show we love, including some very interesting moments that we’ll have to gnaw on a bit and see how it all tastes in the end.

Tabbed “What To Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien,” the show spilled some clues about what The Lady is up to, as well as put a fine point on just how crappy a patient Delle Seyah is when trying to deliver a super-sized son. It’s not for the faint of heart, but the action was intense and loaded with plenty of the kind of special moments we’ve come to expect from Killjoys.

But first, The Lady. What is this entity all about? Fortunately, we were able to discern a few tidbits from Dutch’s flashbacks while she was unconscious from the previous episode. The Lady, while seemingly omnipotent in The Green, isn’t infallible. Its hope and desire to get out of The Green hasn’t yielded fruit yet, and it’s obvious that it hoped Dutch’s memories, or the story Khlyen had told Dutch, would offer something tangible. It appears that wasn’t the case.

We also learned that The Lady has operatives outside The Green that aren’t your basic Hullen type. This is where I see Pip (he of the spider infiltration) and Delle Seyah’s baby entering the picture. My gut tells me that somehow all of those interestingly separate elements will come together to allow The Lady to make her play. Delle Seyah essentially confirms this to Dutch during their heart-to-heart, so off we go.

KILLJOYS — “What to Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien Parasite” Episode 404 — Pictured: (l-r) Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Aaron Ashmore as John, Luke Macfarlane as D’Avin — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

We also learned that the entity that is The Lady is not necessarily Hullen at all. As it noted to Dutch, it’s much older than that and that the Hullen, Aneela included, are simply tools being employed. Once again, this kind of brings me back to Delle Seyah’s forced pregnancy and what that child will be — and how it will relate to freeing The Lady.

During its torture of Dutch, one thing struck me about The Lady — it seemed confused by some of the missing pieces in Dutch’s mind. I’m beginning to suspect Khlyen used a little red herring technique when he told Dutch that story. It would explain why he wanted her to focus on the details — because The Lady would focus on them as well. My guess — those details are wild goose chases meant to buy time. We shall see.

Anyway, Dutch’s trip down memory lane with The Lady was both painful and intense. As tough as she is mentally and physically, it appears that The Lady broke our gal. For my money, that’s simply going to make Dutch that much more determined and relentless moving forward. And with help from Aneela, who is really putting herself on the line for Dutch, our tough little maiden escaped The Green and led us to where we are now.

So, the game is afoot to decipher Khlyen’s story, discover Pip has spider issues and figure out what’s with Delle Seyah’s newborn and its relation to The Lady. A lot going on in that little realm, wasn’t there.

Episode 404 offered us the sparkle of gems – Zeph expanding into medicine, Pree just being his usual cool self (Who can be that cool lying unconscious on the floor like that? Rhetorical! No one), Johnny breaking his own neck, and, of course, the arc where Delle Seyah Kendry is trying to birth her Hullen-esque baby.

KILLJOYS — “What to Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien Parasite” Episode 404 — Pictured: (l-r) Kelly McCormack as Zeph, Thom Allison as Pree — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

The effort and ingenuity it took throughout the episode to get Delle Seyah’s rapidly growing child out of her belly was not only a testament to Zeph’s nerdy ingenuity, but reminded us that given time, discomfort and irritation, Delle Seyah can light up the verbal sky with as much sharp-tongued jabs as you’d care to enjoy. Thank you, ma’am, may I have another.

The fact her baby’s metabolism is accelerating so severely while inside her is just an added little tidbit to the mess. And boy, does she let folks around her know she is not happy. As I noted last week, Mayko Nguyen really brings the salty, sassy Delle Seyah to snotty life…but with a hint that there’s a lot more effort going on not to care than she shows. It’s good work and I appreciate it. As with most characters on this show, there are layers we get glimpses of, and as a viewer I appreciate that.

Loved the scene where Pree leads her to the birthing table and she drops this little beauty on him, “You sound like an asthmatic pervert.” Quick, decisive and just a golden little moment. I find myself really appreciating this character more than I had previously. And when the Hullen is cleansed from her, and the emotions start to find their way back, it’s interesting to see the look in her eyes.

Nguyen gives Delle Seyah some depth even as she acts like a diva with a side order of attitude. However, can’t help myself, I find that I like this character more and more. It’s got a Pree vibe and who doesn’t love that? (Again, rhetorical!! Everyone loves that.)

KILLJOYS — “What to Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien Parasite” Episode 404 — Pictured: Aaron Ashmore as John — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

Zeph continues to morph into this do-it-all kind of nerdilicious hottie. Her ability to “science the shit out of it,” has proven not only handy for our troupe, but has given us a deeper appreciation of this character’s overall abilities and potential. I’ve talked at length about the work Kelly McCormack has done with Zeph and this episode was another shining example of that. She’s making things happen, solving problems and doing it all with a dash of humor that seems right at home in the tenseness that we often see. And Delle Seyah’s birth was all that.

“If we don’t get it out quickly, she’ll have a five-year-old camping out on her uterus,” Zeph tells everyone as Delle Seyah’s baby grows.

Let’s be honest, there are few characters that could break a spine, cleanse the Hullen, and repair and heal it all in such a successful manner. As an aside here, watching Johnny snap his own neck in a Hullen-induced frenzy was pretty dang shocking. I’m gonna miss psychotic, cackling, wise-craking Hullen Johnny a bit. Still, Zeph’s tech wizardry and intuition not only saved Johnny and cleansed his Hullen influences, but proved to be the catalyst for birthing that dang baby.

Unfortunately, I feel her burgeoning relationship based on copious amounts of “thinking” with Pip may not end in a good and cheery way. Their paths would seem, at least right now, to be close to diverging in far different ways. If Pip hurts my Zeph, there will be angry emojis and memes flying. That’s right, I hold nothing back when one of my character crushes is being devalued. Remember that, Pip. You (potential) scoundrel, you.

Full disclosure, currently crushing a bit on Zeph and Lucy. What can I say…my ladies. There, a moment of honesty. Talk among yourselves, I’m a bit verklempt.

KILLJOYS: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

I’ll tell you, one freaky thing that really caught my eye was the little scene where Turin is walking through the Dolls. They stand there unmoving, unblinking, apparently oblivious to everything, and as Turin clears there ranks, every head turns in unison. Whoa, that was unnerving. And it can mean only one thing,

The Lady is about to start trying to putting the pieces in place for her big move. Something big is coming, folks, something that will be potentially devastating to all. The battle with The Lady would seem to be soon at hand and it will be interesting to see who and what takes which side.

Will Dutch prove prophetic after telling everyone that she’s seen the end and “we lose?” Or, in typical Killjoys fashion, will our intrepid group of space sojourners turn the tables? I feel that the key is unlocking the Khlyen story and separating fact from fiction within the story. He hid some things in that story that he knew The Lady would not grasp as false when interrogating Dutch in The Green. Now, we just need to see how that story and the clues unfold.

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