Man in the High Castle

Man in the High Castle Came Down to Visit SDCC 2018 – Interview

Stars Alexa Davalos (Juliana Crain) and Rufus Sewell (John Smith) were joined at San Diego Comic-con by the latest addition to their cast, Jason O’Mara. Together, the lead cast of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle teased and tantalized their interviewers about the upcoming third season. Check out the videos below. Jason O’Mara joins Alexa Davalos as they discuss Juliana’s state of mind after season 2’s final episode. They also give us a brief introduction to O’Mara’s character. From all the giggling about their characters’ introduction, it sound like things get intimate, and fast. They weren’t specific, but… very giggly.

Rufus Sewell on the other hand takes his interview in an entirely unexpected direction. Consider this for a second. Sewell wants this role, that of a Nazi collaborator, to humanize the 20th century’s worst villains. Sound challenging? Sewell says he’s up for it and has done all of the reading. Interviewers throw a number of in-depth questions at him and Sewell’s answers never disappoint. He has done his research and has a point of view most other actors portraying Nazis may not have the fortitude for. He wants viewers to find a way to feel bad for Smith, and maybe even see themselves in him. I’ve never heard of such a desire from an actor playing a Nazi, and give Sewell a lot of credit for taking it on. Given how Season 2 ended, I can’t wait to see where he takes Smith in October.

When Does It Return?

Season 3 of The Man in The High Castle premieres on Oct 5 on Amazon Prime.

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