Salvation: Let The Chips Fall – Review

The fight against Bennett may be over, but the battle to bring back unity among the nation is just beginning. President Mackenzie’s plan to make a speech in public is very admirable, but it goes oh so very wrong. Before we get to that, we must start at the beginning of this delightful episode.

Harris has Bennett locked up in an interrogation room and is trying to get him to talk. Which, of course, is laughable because we know that Bennett won’t give up anything without something in return. Does Bennett really think that Harris is going to give him immunity? It’s laughable that he even considered asking for it! Things get pretty heated between the two, but nothing is resolved. Too bad Harris didn’t just give into him because things go south quickly. Oh Harris, if only you knew what was coming next.

Liam Takes A Stand

Now, the asteroid is getting closer and closer. The first trial run that Darius had his people working on, failed. There is no time for failure and so Darius has decided to resign as VP. Resyst is also having no luck on their end and it is Liam who realizes that the two sides need to work together. Guess who’s not thrilled about that idea? Alycia. She really hates Darius, but I feel that she should be able to put that aside in order to save the world. Or, maybe I am just crazy to think that?

I am not a huge fan of Liam’s this season, but I was pleasantly surprised when he went behind Alycia’s back to meet with Darius. Liam’s main goal is to save the world and we see him got to great lengths to achieve this. He just isn’t making the best decisions on the journey. Alycia being one of them, especially when we see that she doesn’t trust Liam and follows him to the meeting. Which, ends with Darius walking off and nothing being resolved. Good work, guys!

Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Resistance Within Resyst

Things are tense between Alycia and Liam, understandably so. He wants a chance to tell his idea to Resyst and have them decide. Anyone else knew that it wasn’t going to work out? You would have been right because instead of agreeing to work with Darius, Resyst went straight to threatening to drop a nuke. Hmm… working with your nemesis to save the world or dropping a nuke if you don’t get what you want? Wow. Very mature. Apparently, Liam feels the same way because he goes down and creates an uprising against Resyst. Croft also gave us a huge surprise, in this latest episode, “Let The Chips Fall”. He stood up beside Liam and took a stand as well against Resyst. He actually did something admirable, for once, in his traitorous life.

Dealing with Resyst is an on going situation, but now that Bennett was locked up, things should have been looking up. Right? Wrong. While in captivity, Bennett was murdered and that means they lost their lead in finding out who was running things. Things get worse when Grace and Alonzo discover that another assassination attempt is happening. Yet, no one knows who it’s for. Everyone is on high alert as President Mackenzie presses forward with her speech.

Another Twist of Fate

In the midst of all of this, Darius has made the decision to resign has Vice President. He knows that he needs to focus on stopping the asteroid or it would have been pointless in saving the White House. He takes Grace aside and tells her of his decision. They are having a moment and it’s like you can feel the kiss coming. Then some one ruins the moment. Why can’t they just be together already? The writer’s of Salvation must really enjoy crushing all of our hopes!

President Mackenzie gets the people pumped up and everything looks great for the country. And, in just one second, everything changes. President Mackenzie is down and there is no saving her this time. Everyone is in complete shock and the country is once again thrown into turmoil. Who will put things back in order now? Is Darius really going to be President Tanz? I am still in complete shock by what has happened and I have no idea what could possibly happen next.

We are left with another wonderful episode and so much to ponder. Salvation pulls you in and allows you to think that you know what is going on, but then they turn the tables! You are then left in complete shock. I know I said this before, but one of the things I love about Salvation is that even though there is so much stuff going on, it doesn’t get confusing. The writers did a fantastic job of keeping the story line straight, but still throwing us for some serious curve-balls. Farewell Madam President, you will be sorely missed!

Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Next Monday, Salvation is in for one wild ride. Darius is now President and he’s looking for some serious revenge. Make sure you tune in for another amazing episode!


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