Supernatural at San Diego Comic Con 2018!

Supernatural Season 14 Is On the Way

Supernatural was in full swing this San Diego Comic Con. Check out our round table interviews with the cast and a few executive producers below:


It was a fun time sitting down with the cast and hearing what they have to say about the upcoming season. From what they say it seems like Dean is going to take a bit of a backseat this season. With that being said, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to have any less screen time! The cast had nothing but good things to say about what seems to be in store for everyone. We’re going to explore a lot of Castiel and Sam’s relationship and we’ll see some of Sam’s adjustment period to being without Dean. According to Alex Calvert (Jack) the main focus for both Sam and Jack this season will be finding Dean.


Misha Collins during our round table interviews

Angels, Demons, and Cats, Oh MY!

Misha Collins (Castiel) gives us some inside information about what his character’s relationship with Jack is going to be like.  Calvert also weighed in on the subject saying that it’s going to be an interesting change this season for both Cas and Jack. Calvert also discusses some of his wishes for the character in the future. He wants to explore different aspects of Jack’s life and his biggest wish would be to see “regular childhood” Jack where he wasn’t born into the life he has now. Calvert also, of course, talked about his cat Lord Tyrion and that he hopes to bring him in as a guest on the show someday!


Alex Calvert

The cast and executive producers had nothing but good things to say about the fact that there are less episodes this season as well. They all seem to agree that this is a positive step for the Supernatural team, it’s less stress on the actors and they’re able to take more time to see their families. It also allows for more concise and exciting storytelling overall!


Jared Padalecki shows us his impressive beard.



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