Review Granblue Fantasy: Volume Two

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Based on Cygames’ epic fantasy mobile RPG that has amassed a following of over 14 million players, GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation brings all the fun to your TV! Watch as all your favorite characters adventure together into the blue, and beyond.

Gran and the crew land in the beautiful Auguste Isles. But they are immediately greeted by foul-smelling slime on the shore and a disquieting mood in town. They meet Eugen, an agent and old acquaintance of Rackam, who explains that the Erste Empire is responsible for Auguste’s current state. That’s when Lyria begins to hear the faint call of a primal beast…


The volume two of Granblue Fantasy, our group lands on the Auguste Isles to find things not as they should be. Lyria finds another primal beast is in peril but before Gran and the group can save it, Lyria falls into a coma. Someone from the Erste empire used a crystal to bring back Lyria’s memories and cause her to regress into her own mind.

Gran enlists the help of some new friends to save her. They end up going to another island with a forest primal beast to help bring her out of a coma. The only one that can do it is Gran who has a connection with Lyria, having shared her life force. Volume two also contains 2 special episodes with gender swapped characters. One covers getting ice for cold drinks, the other a Halloween special.

The visuals in volume 2 are just as impressive as the previous volume. This time we focused on a group of islands whose cities sat upon an ocean front and survived off the seas. The primal beast for this arc was a water based dragon of sorts. Lots of new faces were introduced, but not all of them got any back story. I have a feeling many of them will at some point be expanded on.

The break up of the episodes certainly does play out like an RPG game. Each section has a unique goal and progress that they make. Usually 1-2 pieces of the sky map are gained with each mini-arc. Like with most Aniplex releases this one comes with the soundtrack on its own disk, a special never before seen episode special, art cards and an 83-page art book.

Overall I would give Volume two a B-. Great visuals, beautiful extras but the plot progression the way the episodes are split up is slow.

You can pickup Volume 2 on Blu-ray special edition over at Rightstuf Anime.

Robert Prentice