Doctor Who: Meet the New TARDIS

Doctor Who: Meet the New TARDIS

By: Tom Gardiner
BBC America doctor who Tardis

We finally got to “meet” the new TARDIS in “The Ghost Monument”, but we don’t really get a good look. In this video, Production Designer Arwel Wyn Jones takes us on a tour of the regenerated ship.

The console has been completely changed, but remains in the classic hexagonal shape. This is an analog TARDIS, giving Jodie Whittaker many kinetic controls rather than buttons. She’s proven to be a quite physical Doctor so watching her fly it will be fun.

The walls of the TARDIS look a bit familiar, with their 6-sided shapes. But to keep it unique there’s an extra element thrown in – some patterns within the hexagons. There are also a lot of crystalline elements making the whole thing feel a bit more organic.

One other addition was done specifically for Jodie Whittaker. All I’m going to say is “custard creams” and leave it at that. You’ll have to watch the video to find out what that means.

So far, I’m really liking what I’m seeing. I hope you feel the same way.

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