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Outlander: Claire Turns 100, Caitriona Holds a Q&A

And to celebrate … 100 questions throughout the day. How about 25 right now? Xxxx

(edited to add new tweets, Sunday 10/21)

Q what was the most challenging scene to shoot? xoxo
A The ones when time is a ticking and everyone is running around stressed to get it done before the light goes!!!!

Q what’s your favorite part of Claire??
A Her passion and compassion … makes for a pretty awesome woman

Q is there a song that reminds you of Claire?? (I’m big on playlists)
A  Bandages – Hot Hot Heat

Q Hi! Favorite thing about Claire in season 4?
A Meeting Adawehi
A (Tim Downie, who plays Gov Tryon) Erm…
A Ehhhh…..
A (Outlander_Starz) It’s ok, OUR favorite is when she meets Tryon. 😉
A (Tim Downie) Love you too.

Q If you could meet Claire what would you say to her?
A Thank you

Q If you could take a Claire article of clothing from each season , what would u choose??
A This season red wrap house jacket

Q What was the scene that left you with the biggest message/lesson
A Faith 💔

Q Most unusual prop you have used in filming?
A A coconut.

Q What are you most proud of?
A How 4 years on, cast and crew are still a big happy family

Q over all of the seasons, the coolest/ most fun skill to learn?
A How to horseride properly

Q How can you describe season 4 in only ONE word?
A America

Q How did you navigate NY Comic-Con with everything going on that day…week. Your panels lifted my spirits. How did you lift Your’s and stay present to your fans?
A Knowing that anger can be channeled into action….

Q what’s your Top 3 tea flavours?
A Mint, Redbush, fennel

Q what would you do if you could spend the day with your character?
A Go for a hack in the mountains, sample Claire’s finest herbs and talk, talk, talk (hehehe!!)

Q Wait, did I ACTUALLY make it to one of your Q&As for once? I’m gonna cry😭
A Don’t cry, it’s a happy moment

Q Who flubbed more lines filming S4, u or @SamHeughan ?? 😜
A Always Sam Heughan…
A (Sam) Just because it’s her 100yr birthday, doesn’t mean she gets to tell 100 LIES!!!!!!!!?? 🤪

Q What will you be doing when you are 100?
A Floating in space with all the other atoms

Q Pretty good looking neck for 100. 😘😳
A She does own a few scalpels and needles (haha !)

Q Which car would Claire Drive in the 21st century
A Did you not watch season 3 … she drives like she does everything else … Like a badass

Q The last book you read?! And you would recommend it?!
A Normal People by and yes highly recommend.

Q Who was your favorite patient to doctor as Claire?
A Why Jammf of course

Q You’ve done a few Outlander photo shoots by now, which one is your favorite?
A The very first one in season one because it was where it all started.

Q do you have any rituals before filming ?
A Learn my lines!!!

Q Would you rather speak any language fluently or be able to talk to animals?
A Animals, Animals Animals!!!!!!

Caitriona: Who’s super duper techie? A think a cool Claire birthday montage would be awesome… show me your best work!!!!

Q Do you sew? Or are you just that good that you looked just like my mother, an expert seamstress, in the batsuit scene?
A My mom taught me when I was a kid… so I (sorta) know my way around a machine !!!

Q What quote from Claire is your favorite?
A I am not the meek and obedient type

Q What advice would you give to someone who was lost about what they do with their own lives?
A Start with little steps. Write down a one week plan, then a month plan and finally a year plan for what you want to achieve. Break it down into manageable actions one day at a time. Before you know it you’ll be on your path!!!

Q I was just wondering, what do you do when people hate on you and give you negativity?
A Keep on walking by with my head held high ..!!!

Q how was shooting with a snake? can you describe season 4 with three emojis?
A Loved Scar … great costar ! 😊☹️😫🤬😊

Q Have you ever drank caipirinha? If not, you should try it!
A Yes Yum!

Q Claire and I share a birthday! I love that she is such a fierce, feminist protagonist. What is a line or scene of hers that has made you go, “Yes, girl!” when you first read it?
A Happy Birthday 🎁

Q The city you’re longing to see and haven’t yet?
A Atlantis!

Q Who’s your fave male actor of all times?
A Paul Newman!


Q Favorite book and movie when you were a kid
A Wuthering Heights and Dead Poets Society

Q A scene from the books you absolutely wanted to make it into the show?
A Brianna getting hurt when Claire was at work ….

Q What do you think Jamie would give Claire for her 100th Bday?
A A walking aid !!!

Q favourite behind the scenes/on set moment?
A When finally relaxed in our company …. right JB !!??!!

A (John Bell) I remember that day! Very windy

Q which character/actor who has already left Outlander do you miss the most?
A Well it has to be … probably the Frank version though rather than the BJ one !
A (Tobias) Oh, thanks darling!!! Miss you too!!
A (Graham McTavish) Ouch 😢
A You should have been nicer Dougal … you should have been nicer !!!!!
A (Graham) I think those were in fact your last whispered words to me as you drove a knife through my broken heart. Along with “when’s lunch?”

Q When you are stressed out, what makes you calm down and relax?
A Music

Q How did you feel making the Wentworth prison? And how did Claire feel when she saw Jamie so?
A t was incredibly intense. Sam and Tobias created an intense atmosphere that made those scenes really tough but really gratifying.

Q Cait, you as someone who comes from a big family, do you think claire would’ve liked to have siblings?
A Hmmmmm … I think she likes being the one getting attention so maybe not!!! Ha.

Q claire préfère un bon café ou un bon whisky ?
A Le deux a la meme temps … Irish coffee !!!! (sorry for bad French!)

Q Your riding is excellent on the show. Do you ever think of getting your own horse?
A Would LOVE to.

Q If you could get Claire any present for her bday? What would you get her?
A Central heating and a hot shower !

Q Whatcha got planned for another t-shirt for charity?

Q most embarassing thing you can reveal about hehe
A He can’t dance

Q What flavour would Claire’s birthday cake be?
A Lemon drizzle – Sweet and Sharp, at the same time !!!

Q 3 words to describe Claire & Jamie’s relationship in season 4?
A Solid

Q What’s a song that always puts you in a good mood?
A (Not a fan usually so I apologise for this but…) Kanye – Good morning.

Q who is more stubborn….Claire or Jamie?
A Pretty evenly balanced I would say….

Q how is your beautiful furbaby Eddie?
A She is on her holidays getting buckets of love while I’m in LA. I’m sure she remembers my mind … right?!?!?

Q is there anything you’ve learnt since living in Scotland?
A Yes, don’t piss off a Scot. They are pretty prickly when pissed off !!!!

Q any good advice to become a good actress?
A Live a curious life.



Q Last year, you mentioned that Le Labo Tuberose was your favorite perfume scent. Does it still currently remain your favorite?
A It’s still one I wear when I remember to put it on !

Q What is your most annoying habit ?
A Forgetting to reply to emails (or so I’m told )

Q if you could have the chance to meet claire, what do you think it’d be her first impression of you?
A I shudder to think !

Q What’s your go to comfort food?
A Ramen, no.. pizza… no …. burger…. no …. sushi ….. aghhhhh

Q What are you hoping to squeeze in before it’s back to work on S5?
A A little thing called …. Life!

Q Which celebrities do you believe are most influential?
A Right now I’m loving Her I weigh campaign is inspirational ! Follow her !

Q Are you finished filming Ford vs Ferrari yet? When will it be in the theatres?
A Not yet. I finish next week I think … in theatres next summer … and I have a feeling it’s going to be 💥💥💥

Q what is your favorite drink? We all know Claire’s is anything alcohol
A Water !!! (….ahem…. cough cough ….. !!!)

Q Any other projects coming up?
A Maybe ….. a few things I might be able to talk to you about soon..!

Q on a scale of 1-10 how much do you love working with ?
A Okay we get it ..!!!! He’s AMAZING !!! Jeez !!!!! (can a girl get ONE freaking day 😜🤪🤪)

Q best thing of working with ?
A She is freaking AWESOME !!!!

Q Favorite home-cooked meal when visiting your family
A Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and gravy. And my mums brown bread!


A In an antique store in Carmel, CA

Q You said Claire’s best quality is compassion and her worst defect (if any)?
A Well she might be a bit hotheaded!!!!

Q Sassenach please don’t ignore me ;-; Who is the best husband? Sam or Tobias?
A I’m not married to either of them and as far as I know neither of them have ever been married so nobody knows????

Q what do you love the most about doing conventions ?
A Meeting all of you guys!!!!

Q if you could pick any character from Outlander to be your real life friend who would it be??
A Well luckily I can count many of the actors as just that!!!!

Q how is working with ????
A Love her!!!! She’s the best


Q Favourite album that you’re listening right now or during set?
A The new Arctic Monkeys

Q Will we see Claire holding a baby this season? 👀 (you know I have to ask 👀)
A Claire and Jamie have another baby!!!!!!! She just was really really late about going through menopause!!!!!! You guys!!!!!!!!!! (Joking!!!!)

Q if you could fall in love with another male character aside from Jamie and Frank, who would it be?
A Clarence !!! He’s hung like a …..

Q describe your personality as a child. Were you a trouble maker?
A Trrrrrrooooouuuuuubbbbbllleeeeee !!!!! My parents are still in therapy !!

Q describe claire and rollo’s relationship in a few words?
A Nirvana!!!

Q serious question here, do you agree with this theory that says and are the same person ? 🤔
A Eh. No.

Q What happened to the 4th and final round of Q&A?
A I fell asleep..sorry!!!!!!.. go on ….25 more. Starting…. NOW !!

Q In the book, Jamie and Ian show Claire how to knit.. Do you knit or crochet?
A Knit. Sort of. Rather badly!!!

Q Was Coco the coconut a good scene partner or a total diva?
A Total DIVA !!!!

Q any favorite movie musical?
A Not really my fav genre but probably Funny Face

Q the one prop that might mysteriously, “by mistake” end up in your position from set?
A There are some very nice earthen ware plates and bowls in Fraser’s ridge … hmmmmm

Q Will you get a vacation after finishing your movie?? Hopefully!
A I plan on it !!!

Q Favorite article of clothing to wear when you’re just bumming about not working?
A I’m a jeans and worn T-shirt kind of girl …

Q do u have a workout regime like
A I. Just. Can’t. Get. Into. The. Gymingthing.

Q what’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?
A Sleeeeeeeeep and then read !!!

Q Your favorite Halloween costume. As a kid or adult.
A Got to be scary ….

Q Ever visited North Carolina?
A Yes. It’s beautiful !!!


A Yes it was. But it was our last day of filming so it was in Summer (still a Scottish summer !!) so not too cold.

Q What is your take on fans being bullied in your name? Worth defending? Yay or nay?
A No one should bully anyone. We are all grown people who should know at this point to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Regardless of differing opinions.

Q One word to describe life of C & J at Fraser’s Ridge?
A Happy!


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