Preview | The Walking Dead 902 | The Bridge – TONIGHT

By: Karen Kennedy Rutledge
AMC TWD preview scifi the walking dead zombies

Duh duh duunnn – Negan returns tonight on The Walking Dead Episode 902. If you were at all dissatisfied with last week’s “A New Beginning,” this week’s “The Bridge” will surely atone.

We’ll find Negan in “New World Jail” in Alexandria, a place Maggie has avoided, well, because Negan is there. However, jail or no, I am not counting him out. Foxy Negan (see what I did there?) seems to find a way to not only survive but thrive, no matter his sitch, agree?

So what’s in store for tonight? This AMC preview is chocked full of clues. Work, and other action (cue Zach McGowan), on the bridge will no doubt be front and center. There will be the usual walker herd staggering in to cause a ruckus. Rick will be challenged more than once and compared to Negan – what?! The scene I’m most looking forward to, though, is the one where I’m pretty sure we’ll hear Negan say in that raspy voice we love, “You’re not savin’ the world, you’re just gettin’ it ready for me.” *Chills*

In another AMC peek, Michonne and Jesus ask Maggie for help. I’m “TeamMichonne” on this one. Maggie, listen to them – make some rules and make sure they include working together to keep the “new world” fed and secure!!

In addition to an action-packed episode, AMC has some goodies for us. You’ve joined the Fan Rewards Club, right? Tune in tonight for the code to snag your points.

Anyone who would like their very own Michonne Katana sword? Go to amc.com/katana to enter for the chance to be one of five lucky winners of an autographed Katana.

Still not in the mood? Watch the new opening credits sequence again. I can’t get enough of it!

Watch tonight at 9/8 Central. Negan will be SO glad you did!

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