Sci-Fi News Roundup

Get ready for your weekly Sci-Fi TV/Movie News Roundup. We’ve got some interesting things coming up!


We’ve got our first look at ‘KRYPTON’s newest character, Lobo. Emmett J. Scanlan will be playing Lobo, a ruthless bounty hunter who killed his entire species. Yikes! The only thing that Lobo considers to be sacred is his word and once he has agreed to do something, he won’t stop until he succeeds. Make sure to check out Lobo when Season 2 of ‘KRYPTON’ makes its debut. He will surely be a worthy adversary Seg-El. For more information, check out SYFY.

We officially have a return date for Season 2 of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. The new season is set to air, January 17th and will continue every Thursday for the duration of Season 2. Not only did CBS All Access announce the premier date, but it also gave us a glimpse of a young Spock, who also happens to be sporting a fantastic beard. Ethan Peck’s casting was first announced in August and now we finally get our first look of him as Spock. I think I am liking this new Spock! What do you think? Will he make his predecessor proud? For more details about the upcoming season of, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, head on over to TVLine.


Fox21 Television Studio has optioned for ‘The Dresden Files’ Fantasy novel series. The book follows Harry Dresden who is not only an investigator, but also a wizard. In this amazing fantasy, not only are wizards real, but this world is filled with: vampires, demons, fairies, werewolves, and other magical creatures. The Dresden Files follows Harry as he consults for the police and as he takes on cases for the supernatural community and the humans, things start to get a little tricky. You can find out more information about this fantasy series at Deadline Hollywood.


A brand new trailer for ‘Mortal Engines’ was premiered at NYCC and it is glorious! The movie is set to premiere on December 14th. Put it in your calendar, ladies and gentlemen, because you don’t want to miss it! ‘Mortal Engines’ is produced by Peter Jackson and he was there for the debut of this new trailer. Jackson is collaborating with Phillipa Boyens and Christian Rivers. These three have worked on many projects together and this movie is sure to be a huge success with them working on it together. For more information and to check out the brand new trailer for ‘Mortal Engines’, head on over to Deadline Hollywood.


Steven Spielberg is set to receive the, Cinema Audio Society’s Filmmaker’s Award at the 55th annual CAS Awards. Spielberg is a three-time Oscar-winning director and he will be honored on February 16th at the CAS Awards. He will be joining 13 other recipients to receive this award, among them are: Joe Wright, Jonathan Demme, Quentin Tarantino, and Bill Condon. For more details about his nomination and the CAS Awards, head on over to, Deadline Hollywood.


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