Nat Geo's MARS: Episode 201 Photo Gallery

Nat Geo’s MARS: Episode 201 Photo Gallery

The second season premiere of National Geographic’s phenomenal hybrid series MARS is this Monday, November 12. Part dramatization, part documentary, all science, it’s a fascinating look at how we might get to, and survive on, Mars.

The story sticks solidly to scientific facts while exploring the effects of such a mission on the human psyche. The tale is interspersed with interesting documentary segments explaining how various aspects are possible. It really feels like two shows, with one part informing you how the other is, or could be, a reality. With the prospect of landing a human on Mars looming in the near future, this is the perfect series to prepare us for the momentous event.

Season two begins five years after the end of season one and nine years after our original settlers landed. It promises to bring new challenges, most notably in the form of for-profit private space companies. It may sound a little far-fetched, but this will be a reality sooner rather than later.

A portion of the season 2 description courtesy National Geographic:

MARS picks up five years after the conclusion of Season 1, following the successful maiden mission to the Red Planet when the original International Mars Science Foundation (IMSF) crew struggled to safely land on and create an initial settlement. It’s now the year 2042, and IMSF has established a fully-fledged colony, Olympus Town, but they cannot finance the Mars expedition alone. Doors of opportunity have swung wide open to the private sector, but tensions arise among original mission-driven scientists and miners sent by the for-profit corporation, Lukrum Industries, which create a new world of challenges for everyone on the Red Planet.

And, finally, here’s that promised photo gallery from the season two premiere episode:

If you haven’t seen season one of MARS, you can stream it absolutely free at National Geographic’s MARS webpage.

National Geographic’s MARS returns Monday, November 12 at 9/8c with a 6-episode story arc

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