Outlander: Chatting with Season 4’s Aunt Jocasta, Maria Doyle Kennedy

Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta, Irish actress/singer Maria Doyle Kennedy, answered fan questions on Twitter this afternoon.

Okay Beauts , I’m here for 30-40 mins for as many questions as we can get in ( Im supposed to be in a recording studio so if I suddenly blank for a minute it’s because I’ve ducked under the table out of producer’s sight!)

Q Who is your favorite band? Current and all time?
A Current and all time are the same ( LOW) I am obsessed

Q What were your first feelings when you joined the teamwork of A I felt immediately welcome ❤️

Q How hard it is to do such strong Scottish accent?? (I love it!🙃)
A I love having an accent, it makes you not be yourself

Q where did U draw inspiration from 2 play a woman with such a strong connection 2 her family despite the vast physical distance between them in 18th century?
A I felt her so deeply connected to her family, she carried them in her bones

Q How challenging was/is it to play a character who lost her eyesight? Did you enjoy that part/challenge? PS: You did an EXCELLENT job!
A It was very challenging, very lonely actually, not to be able to look my fellow actors in the eye

Q You’ve played some extremely complex characters in your career. Would you say Jocasta is among the most challenging as an actor, especially given the tough storyline?
A Absolutely, but I’m up for it 👍🏽

Q What drew you to the part of Jocasta the most?
A I felt I was going to have loads of places to go good/bad/ruthless/tender….. she’s flawed but I love her # dontjudgeme

Q Which was Jocasta’s most challenging quality to portray?
A To figure a way to play her sight impairment was/is the most difficult

Q Actors many times say they share some traits with the characters they play. Is there a trait of Jocasta’s you most identify with?
A I think maybe I’m a survivor type of person……I like a challenge and I NEVER give up/in

Q something you admire in Jocasta?
A Loyalty

Q welcome to the family ! Did you know about the strong fans when you joined the team?
A No! You’ve been quite the revelation

Q amazing performance last night. My question is who inspires you?
A People who use their voice or influence in the pursuit of fairness for all ( for those who may have less power or voice) ❤️

Q A little clash of worlds! What do you think Mrs. S would make of Jocasta and vice versa?
A Ha ha ha, well they’re both fairly fearsome women and will protect family above all… agree?!

Q is it difficult to be acting as if you’re blind?
A Very, it’s lonely

Q Did you do any research going into this role? How much did you know about slavery in America beforehand?
A I did some more reading of course, I have to say that playing that scene in was very very hard for everyone. We knew we were acting ….. but that it had been a real occurence in another time

Q Did you read the books before being cast?
A I watched Seasons 1-3 of the tv show then read book 4 and am now on 5!

Q Does Jocasta think Claire’s views on slavery might make Jamie not accept taking over the running of River Run? And how does Jocasta really feel about Claire’s views.
A I think she is struggling to understand her views or why Claire comes to hold them. Jocasta herself is utterly pragmatic.

Q Did you watch season 1 (Dougal and Colum) to get a glance of the MacKenzies and draw upon that at all? How did you and work to build this relationship? Such a beautiful scene where you two first meet by the river, so many emotions.
A  I really just thought about all my relatives … the older ones who had left Ireland on boats and were never reunited with their families….. how much they must have longed for them

Q First a Spanish accent in the Tudors now a Scottish one. Is there an accent you can’t do?
A I have done a few! It’s great, it helps you be someone else.

Q Do you enjoy speaking with different accents? Is it challenging? Do you have a favourite?
A I’d love to try something really sing-songy like Icelandic !

Q What personality traits would you say you and Jocasta have in common?
A Think i answered earlier but another thing I’ve …ehr….discovered is that we both like whiskey!

Q a fabulous singer, a wonderful actor – so, what can’t you do? What do you basically suck at that you wish you could do better?😀
A I’m not great at baking 🍰😢

Q I loved your portrayal of Jocasta! How do you feel about portraying someone who is multifaceted – smart, scheming, etc. who is ALSO blind? What are the difficulties in the portrayal?
A The added layer and the thing I kept coming back to was the time ….. how different a woman’s position in society was, ( even one as smart and powerful as Jocasta ) how precarious

Q Apart from Jocasta obviously, who’s is your favorite character and why?
A Well Jamie is my blood, Claire is a strong woman which I hugely admire, Ulysses and I have a special connection…. Phaedra is a cheeky rip but i love her, Young Ian brought flowers….there isn’t a bad one in the bunch to be honest !

Q This is next level diplomacy! Bravo, !
A Jeez really? Bad spelling and all….😊

Q You’ve done both modern / futuristic and historical dramas in your career. Would you say you prefer on over the other?
A I really only care about the story, the setting them becomes a necessary part of story telling….. I am enjoying the FABULOUS frocks on this though

Q Have you been caught yet? Are you under the table??
A Ha ha, I did one quick * I’ll be in in a minute * type wave at them…. we’re grand

Q how did you prepare for playing a blind person? Amazing job!
A I practised in my own home with blindfolds and I spoke to some folks about their visual impairment ….. of course many things are done for me ( Jocasta ) because of River Run ….

Q Who inspires you to do better?
to name a very few

Q love your portrayal of Aunt Jocasta! I am a huge fan of how do you like your home ? The details are stunning!
A I am mad about it ( I spent a lot of time wondering how to fit a sofa into my luggage 🙄)

Q Did you and have any secret chats in Irish while you were working? You ladies are great together and I love the mutual admiration you have for one another!
A Not secret but we did speak as gaeilge cúpla uair , cinnte . Its a beautiful language, we love it

Q Being an Irish lassie, can you speak Irish Gaelic? Did you and have some secret conversations every now and then?😜 Or just some typical Irish habits that the others found funny?🇮🇪
A We both love Gaeilge , Irish habits…..erhm…… does farting count? ( me not her Ladyship)!

Q One thing I love about Jocasta is her cunning. Do you find you relate to that and see yourself in her?
A Ha ha ha…. I think I’m an open book really …. I’d like to learn from her!

Q (tweet not available)
A Every scene with @leeboardman (Lt. Wolff) had us shaking our shoulders and weeping with laughter ( and not when we were supposed to be in that state!) 😂

Q What does Jocasta sees in Claire that actually is a part of herself as well?
A Strength

Q Any new projects in the works that you can speak about?
A I’m always making things , songs, films , soups 😊

Q What are some small things that make your day better?
A Kindness is always good

Q favorite food in the whole world?
A Probably sushi 🍣 yum

Q Which reminds me, I’m watching Father Ted. I haven’t gotten to your episode yet though. Should I prepare myself??? 😳😳😳
A Love it!

Q How aware were you of Outlander and the fans before being cast?
A Not at all, you’re quite the tribe

I have to go lovely folks , some singing awaits, you were lovely to hang out with. Thanks Do No Harm is a good motto for life really isn’t it? Take care, see you somewhere!

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