Outlander: Preview – Droughtlander Ends, and TIBS Radio Begins!

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This Sunday night, or Saturday night if you can get it on demand, the first episode of the fourth season of the juggernaut that is Outlander airs. Church bells will toll, small children will happily dream (don’t let your small children watch Outlander), food will taste better, men will be sexier….and Jamie and Claire will once again be part of our lives.

The photos that have come out look spectacular – I don’t think that the majority of us will end up caring that they didn’t film the North Carolina scenes in North Carolina. I’m excited for all the new characters – Aunt Jocasta, Philip Wylie (whom I’ve always had a weird soft spot for), Ulysses, the white sow, Rollo….

Mostly, as far as new characters go, I’m excited for Steven Bonnet, as played by Ed Speleers. I’ve seen this weekend’s episode – Ed nails it. Totally and completely. In Drums of Autumn, Diana describes him:

No stranger to a fight, judging by the slight crookedness of his nose and  a small scar by the corner of his mouth. The small imperfections did nothing to mar the overall impression of animal magnetism; he was the sort of man who attracted women easily.

Once again, major kudos to the Outlander casting team and producers for recognizing just the right man for the job. I think you’ll agree. (Let me know.)

The season premiere episode, America The Beautiful, follows the first three parts of Drums of Autumn fairly closely – of course, there are small changes. Some of those changes include last season’s Lesley and Hayes, the new Rupert and Angus, joining Jamie and Claire in the New World, at least for a while.  There is some Jamie and Claire, um, romance, shall we say, although it is milder than in previous seasons. but, this is just episode 1 of 13…

On Sunday night, I’ll bring you my full episode review, and I hope you’ll let me know what you think!

Announcing – TIBS Radio!

And in that vein, letting me know what you think – I have a REALLY exciting announcement to make. TIBS RADIO IS ON THE AIR!

Every Tuesday night through Outlander’s season, and beyond if we’re having fun, join me and my friends Sam Kraupner and Alyson Bailey, LIVE on internet radio! We’ll start at 9 pm Eastern/8 Central, this coming Tuesday, Nov. 6 (yes, I know that’s election day, but won’t you need a break?). We’ll have a little bit of my newsletter, the Outlander Gab, on the air; we may have a guest or two; and then I’ll open up the phone lines for you to call in and chat about the episode, the stars, ask questions, give your opinion!

How do you listen? What’s the phone number? All of that will be available just by coming here, to threeifbyspace.net, and clicking the link you’ll find on the home page that will take you to our episode page. I’ll also post the link and the phone number in my Facebook group, Outlandishly Three If By Space, and several other groups. Miss the live show? You’ll be able to come back and listen to past shows!

For our first broadcast, we’ll chat about this week’s episode and have a special guest – Deb Ford, creator of the terrific fan con Thru The Stones – and this year’s event, not so coincidentally, will have our brand-new Steven Bonnet, Ed Speleers, as special guest! We’ll talk about Ed, and the event’s other guests, Ron Moore and Terry Dresbach. If you’ve attended Thru The Stones in the past, or plan to go this year, you won’t want to miss this live interview!

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