Review – Fate/Stay Night [Heaven’s Feel] I. Presage Flower

By: Robert Prentice
Aniplex Fate Stay

This is the story of an omnipotent container able to grant the wish of anyone who claims it—the Holy Grail.

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]  is the third route of the visual novel game and the fourth anime adaptation. Heaven’s Feel, known as the Sakura Route, is the saga following Fate (The Saber Route) and the [Unlimited Blade Works] route (The Rin Route). The timelines for the Fate universe is confusing at best. As a fan of the series, Heaven’s feel is another great telling of the Fate/Unlimited Blade Works timeline. In this route the main heroine is Sakura Mato.

The Heaven’s Feel route is set to be a film trilogy with Presage Flower being the first of them. The story focuses on the human characters of Sakura, Shirou, Rin and Illya. If you have never seen any of the Fate series you will be completely lost and likely annoyed with the film. That is the one big negative I would give to the film. You have to be familiar with the previous material to enjoy. That being said, go and see Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Stay [Unlimited Blade Works] then come revisit this.

ufotable continues to bring the great animation and fight sequences we have come to enjoy from the series. However, more than that, the complex story telling which ties in so many different events and lives makes it refreshing to watch even if it is the same ‘timeline’ but with a focus change. Shirou can be an incessantly annoying perfectionist when it comes to his mantra of everyone else over himself. Yet with Heaven’s Feel, I actually enjoy him even more than I did in Unlimited Blade Works. He feels more human. I also like where things are going fleshing out characters who in the previous routes were not all that important.

Aniplex released the film dubbed on blu-ray which comes with some awesome extras for fans. First you will get the film on blu-ray with english dubbed and original Japanese DTS-HD audio. An original soundtrack CD and Animation Material booklet are also included. The rigid box is illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi (Type-Moon) with a hard cover art book. This is a must have for any Fate series fan. I am excited to see Part 2 when it comes out, followed by the conclusion of the final story for this third and final track in the visual novel. You can pickup your copy of this limited edition release over at

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