The Magicians: Official Season 4 Trailer

The Magicians are coming back, and here is where I would normally channel my magical homies Margo and Eliot but I probably should not swear. Oh heck, I will anyway! MAGIC IS BACK, B****ES! Well, not quite back, as it’s not January and the library is much too political for my taste!


When we last saw our favorite gang of MAGICIANS, the quest to bring magic back did not go exactly as planned! Season three took us fans on one heck of a ride, and this season I am totally down for another epic adventure. If you are anything like me, you have probably watched this trailer several times over, but watch it with me one more time, come on indulge me!


I can tell that we are in for quite an amazing season. A few things stood out to me, and I’m wondering how it is all going to shake out.

1. Will the real Penny please stand up? Why is he dressed like Mario or Luigi from Mario Brothers? Is that Penny 23 or OUR Penny? What’s OUR Penny doing? REALLY DOESN’T MATTER THOUGH DOES IT? Two Pennies are better than no Pennies!

2. Poor Eliot! We need to save him and FAST! Something crazy or weird always seems to happen to him! But I’m quite certain Hale Appleman will rock that out!

3. Is it just me or was Penny (probably 23) and Julia seemingly getting together? Trailers do move awfully fast, so maybe I should watch it again.

4. Josh and Margo making out? Again, damn trailer moving too fast. Where are those super slo-mo pros when you need one?

5. The library is throwing some serious shade and I don’t mean Julia’s. Who do they think they are? In today’s world, it’s hard not to see political parallels (with all the crap we see) but I know the writers will throw in some humor to lighten any such parallels, OR just to be so damn funny!

6. What’s up with Dean Fogg? Is he working with the Library or against them? My vote is against, but playing their game

7. Loved the 1984 reference. I’m still on the fence about Marina 23, I’m not sure I like her any more than I did the first Marina, for lack of a better term.

8. Oh Alice what are we going to do with you, but she still is the smartest in her class. She just needs to let others in on her plans.

9. Quentin and Julia are going to be epic this season, and will make for a very great team!

What are you most looking forward to in season 4? Outside of the group getting all magic back, I’m looking forward to another awesome musical scene! Check back here for all the news and reviews for The Magicians!

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