Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for season 3.

Star Trek: Discovery – A Third Season for STD? Make It So

You wanted to keep flying among the stars with the Star Trek: Discovery crew? You got it! Word just came down that the series has been green-lighted for a third season. The show will once again return to CBS All-Access and we have learned that Michelle Paradise (The Originals) will join Alex Kurtzman for show-runner duties.

The announcement is good news for the growing legion of Star Trek: Discovery fans that have come aboard during the show’s second season. Viewed with a wary eye when it premiered in 2018, Star Trek: Discovery has not only enjoyed a wide variety of adventures, but introduced us to plenty of interesting new characters while paying homage to much of what will eventually become TOS.

Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for season 3.

It’s been an interesting tightrope to walk, satisfying new Star Trek: Discovery fans’ need for something exciting while also dialing into how STD will tie in with TOS. Judging by the reaction that’s followed the first few episodes of Season 2, that task is being accomplished.

Paradise joined the Star Trek: Discovery family in season two as a co-executive producer and her work was impressive enough that she’ll have a much larger role in shaping the stories and tone of season 3.

Season two has seen some interesting developments with the pursuit of Spock across the galaxy as he runs from (or towards) the answers to the Red Angels that have become central to season 2’s story line. Of course, he’s also wanted by Star Fleet for murder chargers, which should be interesting once he’s corralled. We’ve also seen the introduction of Anson Mount at Captain Pike, who has taken over temporary command of the Discovery.

Section 31 had made its first appearance in the show and with former emperor Georgiou as a recently recruited member. Other new faces and interesting places have been part of season 2’s travels thus far and with a third season on the horizon, it looks like there will be plenty more in the future.

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