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Toy Story 4 – We’re Not in The Backyard Any More! Super Bowl Ad

I love Toy Story. This was the first movie we took our son to; we’ve followed Buzz and Woody from Sid’s backyard, to Big Al’s Toy Barn, and now – in a fun Super Bowl commercial – apparently to a carnival!!! But it doesn’t look like so much fun for our friends.

We quote one or the other of the movies almost every day. The Toy Story Mania ride at Disney World is one of my go-to choices. We’ve even seen Toy Story The Musical on a Disney cruise. So if you think, for a minute, that I’m not THRILLED that we get another Tom Hanks/Tim Allen installment, you would be WRONG. The only thing I’m sad about right now… is that this commercial isn’t longer.

And just for another little happy tease:


Toy Story 4 comes out June 21. My birthday is that weekend – I know what I’ll be doing. I’ll be watching Infinity number of times – and Beyond!

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