Game Of Thrones: The Cast Remembers Interviews

By: Robert Prentice
game of thrones hbo

As the final season of Game Of Thrones premieres tonight, the cast looked back on a decade of filming. For much of the younger cast, this show is their entire career up until now. For others, it was an experience that only enhanced their love of the art they practice. Game Of Thrones has been filming for nearly 10 years now, 8 seasons, and each episode is like a movie by itself.

Season 8 will have a total of 6 episodes ranging from 54 uninterrupted minutes of air time, up to 80 minutes for the final few episodes. So while it feels like a super short season, the extra length lends to a true cinematic experience with each episode. It is very rare to get a fantasy series on TV that goes for this long or has this large a following.

When I look back at favorite moments, there are a few that stick out the most. Most shocking moment for me was the Red Wedding. Having never read the books I wasn’t sure what to expect with any episode. But the moment that song began to play, I knew something was up. The episode where Cersei blew up the church with wild fire was a very close second. The events leading up to that, and after that left a lot of characters reeling. I am sure season 8 will give me new moments to be excited about.

I can only hope that the future story spin-offs that are planned are nearly as good. Even if they aren’t, we will always have Game of Thrones to fall back on. Some of the younger cast will sadly never go back into acting, such as poor Jack Gleeson. Though he is still doing some theatre work. The others have very promising careers ahead of them.

In 2013 we did our first TiBS Scifi awards and young Isaac, who plays Bran, was voted as Best young actor. He was nice enough to take a photo with the award we sent his agent and respond back to us. Check it out.

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