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Another week that is all about the world of sci-fi. Get ready for your weekly Sci-Fi News Roundup!

TV News

After an amazing run on the CW, Supernatural is coming to an end. The series will be ending after its 15th season, marking its time as the longest running series on the CW. This last season will contain 20 episodes, leaving it with a grand total of 327 episodes, which also makes it the longest-running sci-fi/genre series in all of American broadcast television. Supernatural has been a superior ratings performer and has been the CW’s second most watched series. It’ll be quite sad when it comes time to say farewell to the Winchester brothers. For more details, head over to Deadline Hollywood.

Netflix’s series, The Order, has been picked up for another season that will have 10 episodes. Jake Manley and Sarah Grey are set to reprise their roles, with more casting announcements to be released later on. The premier is set for sometime in 2020. The series was created/written and executive produced by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen. The Order follows a college freshman, Jack Morton, who joins a secret society. He is thrown into a world of magic, monsters and intrigue. The second season is sure to be quite the adventure. For more details head over to Deadline Hollywood.

The Order is not the only Netflix original that is being renewed for a second season. The Umbrella Academy is also getting another 10-episode season. The series is a live-action superhero series based on the Dark Horse Comics offering of the same title. The comics were created and written by Gerard Way. The Umbrella Academy follows six children, with special abilities, who have been adopted by a billionaire. As years pass, their father passes away and brings the six back together – with all the emotional baggage each has inside. As they struggle to be around each other, they also have to deal with the imminent threat of a global apocalypse. Yikes. To hear more about the series head over to Deadline Hollywood.


Borderlands 3 release date has finally been revealed, along with so many more juicy details. Borderlands 3 will give you the chance to explore new worlds outside of Pandora and we also get 4 new Vault Hunters. We’ve got Moze as The Gunner, Amara as The Siren, Flak as the Beastmaster, and Zane as the Operative. Each Vault Hunter will have their own special set of skills and are ready to take on the new baddies: The Calypso Twins. The goal as Vault Hunters is to stop the Calypso Twins from uniting the bandit clans and claiming the galaxy’s ultimate power. The game comes out on September 13th, but while you wait, make sure you check out the trailers. They are fantastic! For more details head over to comicbook. 

Movie news

Warner Bros has unveiled the trailer for Todd Phillips’ R-rated Joker and it is all sorts of creepy. Joaquin Phoenix as Joker will give anyone nightmares about clowns. The trailer was unveiled Tuesday at CinemaCon with the rest of the world getting to view it a little later. Joker will start offshore on October 3, with the domestic opening on October 4. Are you prepared for a new Joker? For more details check out Deadline Hollywood.

Disney’s The Lion King just dropped a trailer for the upcoming live-action movie. The movie is directed by Jon Favreau, who also did the live-action take on the Jungle Book a few years ago. The Lion King is one of the most anticipated Disney movie coming up and the trailer is getting everyone hyped up. In the trailer we are introduced to some of the characters such as: Scar, Timon, Pumba, and the Hyenas. We also get a glimpse of the stampede, the attack at the elephant graveyard, and more in the trailer. For more details check out comicbook.


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