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A Discovery of Witches – Season Finale – Timewalker – Review

Last episode finished on a scary cliffhanger. This is the season finale and Diana proves how much power she has and learns she is a timewalker.

Juliette was hiding in the barn and grabbed Diana when she and Matthew were working on her magical instincts. What happens here is frightening and could have used up most of the episode but it was handled very well. The horror of Juliette wanting to see Matthew kiss Diana to see what she is doing that Juliette doesn’t do, then the fear that she would stab those nails into Diana’s neck is awful. But it truly became horrible when she tossed Diana to the side and swiped her claws into his neck then into his heart. Diana’s response was incredible, so much anger and power! It was awesome when she pulled the fire out of her hands and then turned it into the goddess Diana’s bow and arrow and shot it straight at Juliette to put her out of her and our misery. I really love the way this was done, it really worked for me!

Diana kneeled on the ground beside him and chanted a prayer to the goddess. “I call you, Goddess, help me, I will do anything to save him.” There was a light around Diana and she got a response telling her that there would be a price. She agreed telling the goddess that she would give anything that she wanted to save Matthew. A knife appeared in her hand and she slit her wrist and put it to Matthew’s mouth. As he was losing consciousness he told her “From birth, I have searched for you.” We don’t yet know what the price will be. I can’t wait till next season to see what happens.

When Miriam, Marcus, Sarah and Emily run out to the barn, she becomes powerfully protective of him and puts a magical shield around herself and Matthew. Diana’s fierceness is exactly what is should be. When he doesn’t seem to drink from her wrist, she leans down and offers her neck and he latches on. It’s a frightening scene of him holding her and drinking, but he stops himself just in time, maybe because of all the images he sees from Diana’s memories of their relationship and their love.

We next see them in their room; Diana is in bed with Matthew kneeling beside her on one side and Miriam on the other. Marcus rushes in with blood and sets it up to give her a transfusion. Miriam tells Matthew, “What she did was unspeakably courageous. You might not have been able to stop drinking. She is full of surprises, witch fire, that wasn’t in her DNA markers.” Miriam wants to further study Diana’s genetics to understand how she has powers that they thought were extinct.

When Diana wakes up, he tells her that she saved him; her response is that she doesn’t regret it. But they realize that they are not safe there. If Juliette was able to find them, then anyone else can. They can’t just sit there waiting for something to happen. He proposes to her that they use her timewalker powers and hide somewhere in time.

In the meantime Gerbert, Domenico, Satu, and Knox are continuing their machinations to destroy the deClermonts. Domenico and Gerbert discuss Juliette and where she might be. Domenico plays dumb and acts as though he knows nothing about it, despite the fact that he is the one who encouraged her to go. They talk about Matthew and Diana, they know he is not at Sept Tours anymore and are sure they are hiding somewhere together. Domenico looks at Gerbert like the cat that caught the canary; he has a secret that he wants to tell Gerbert about. Before he tells what his secret is, he tells Gerbert that he thinks he deserves a reward for it.

Domenico shows Gerbert where Baldwin has Satu hidden. As Gerbert is approaching her he comments that he loves the stench of a frightened witch. What a creep. He asks her what she did with Meridiana, she tells him without any hesitation that she let her go because she had been in thrall long enough. Satu then teases Gerbert with the fact that she knows something about Baldwin and that is why he is keeping her there. She likes to play with fire.

Baldwin has been working behind the scenes to stall the congregation, so that Matthew and Diana have time to hide. He returns to Venice and orders the congregation to convene to decide Satu’s fate. He then calls Matthew to tell him that he is running out of time. Baldwin has a difficult and dangerous line to walk, trying to seem to be doing what is expected of him for the congregation but still supporting Matthew as one of the Knights of Lazarus.

Before the congregation convenes, Gerbert and Knox get together to scheme, they are trying to get Baldwin off the congregation. Gerbert tells Knox that he was there when Phillippe set up the congregation and he weighed the scales in his favor by requiring that a deClermont must always be one of the 9 creatures. Gerbert seems to think that he can get around this rule, we’ll see if he can do this. Won’t they be surprised when they learn that not only is Diana an incredibly powerful witch, but that she is a timewalker as well.

Once everyone arrives back in Venice, they begin Satu’s trial. It is quick and they decide that she is guilty of trespassing on the deClermont’s land to take Diana. She will be removed from the congregation.

Everyone thinks they are done, but Gerbert announces that he has something else. He accuses Baldwin of treason because his interests are split between the congregation and the Knights of Lazarus. He tries to convince everyone that it was formed to further the cause of the vampires. Baldwin corrects him by telling them all that it is a philanthropic organization that protects those who cannot protect themselves. Gerbert tries to push his accusation forward which will mean that Baldwin would be beheaded. Agatha is once again the voice of reason. I really like her; she won’t take anything from anyone. She forces them to take some time to discuss what they believe is true.

When they reconvene and they vote, Gerbert is looking like he has won already, but to his surprise Domenico does not vote against Baldwin. After this, Domenico tells Baldwin that he owes him a debt, thus the reason for his vote; he is maneuvering for more power. Agatha also tells Baldwin that he owes a debt to the daemons. The congregation, especially the witches and vampires, are so obsessed with changing the balance of power that they can’t really see past their own noses.

Back in Madison, the timewalker plans are in full swing. They know that wherever and whenever they go, there are big risks but they don’t feel that they have an alternative. The further back they go, they will need some powerful spells to return, so they must go to a time where Diana can learn about her magic.

The house begins to rattle and a poppet flies out of the fireplace, once again the house is holding on to information that they need and provides it at the right time. Poppets are used by witches to cast spells. While Diana is holding it, she finds an earring inside of it. When Matthew sees it, he is shocked, it was Ysabeau’s, Phillippe gave the earrings to her. She lost it hundreds of years ago.

Hamish has gone to Sept Tours to pick up some of the things that Matthew and Diana will need for their trip back in time. Before he leaves, Ysabeau tells him to tell Matthew and Diana that she sends all her love. She has completely accepted Diana and her family as part of her own family. When he arrives in New York, he has the items he collected from Sept Tours plus a surprise. Sophie and Nathaniel are with him.

Sophie gives Diana the little statue, telling them that it has been in her family for generations. Sarah confirms that it is Diana, goddess of the hunt. When Matthew sees it, he has another moment of amazement, he tells them that it is the white queen, part of a chess set, and he lost it the same night the earring was lost on All Souls night.

They realize that the time between Halloween and All Souls is when there is not much keeping the living from the dead and it might be the best time for Diana to use her timewalker powers. Halloween is 6 days away so the plans jump into high gear. It’s nice to see everyone getting along, this is how it should be, everyone accepting each other, no matter how different they are.

Sophie has needed someone to talk to about her fears, and finds that Sarah and Emily are the perfect sympathetic ears for her. She has been having nightmares about the congregation coming for her and her baby; this is a terrible and real fear.

After Diana has mastered being a timewalker for short distances, they decide to travel 25 days in the past to when they were first at Sept Tours having dinner with Ysabeau and Marthe. A lot has happened in just 25 days! They return to New York in time for dinner. Prickly Sarah stands up and proposes a toast, looking at Matthew with caring and love, she says, “To unusual friendships.” Not so prickly anymore!

Matthew must make plans for the Knights of Lazarus while he is gone. He wants Hamish to continue as a knight, but he will be stepping down as grand master. The knights will need to be strong to fight the congregation.

Hamish also reminds Diana of a very important fact, where they are going, Matthew will not be the same man. We will see how this affects them next season.

Now everyone begins to leave, first the daemons go. Matthew gives a card to Nathaniel with Ysabeau’s contact information, letting him know that she is expecting him and Sophie. They will be safe there and Sarah and Emily will be there too. Hamish and Matthew discuss the Book of Life; they hope it will be intact where they are going. Hamish wants him to bring it back.

They have an emotional goodbye with Emily and Sarah who are sort of amazed that they are heading to Sept Tours and will be living under the same roof as Ysabeau deClermont.

Lastly, Miriam and Marcus are leaving. Miriam doesn’t like to say goodbye, so she just walks out. Matthew stays behind with Marcus to give him a letter. It is a letter naming him as grand master of the Knights of Lazarus. Marcus doesn’t want the responsibility, but Matthew tells him that he doesn’t trust anyone else to do the job. He hugs Marcus and steps back, bows, and says, “Je suis a votre command Seigneur.” (I am at your command my lord.)

Diana and Matthew are now alone in the house and it is time for their final preparations. Diana lights all the jack-o-lanterns easily with her magic, as if she never struggled to make it work. Then they turn off all the lights and head upstairs to change into period clothes so that they can go. Did anyone else miss seeing them dress up like a witch and a vampire to give candy to the trick or treaters? It is a scene that is not important to the story, but it would have been fun to see.

While they are busy with their final timewalker preparations, Baldwin tries to call Matthew to urgently warn him that his time has run out. He tells them to “Go now!” Matthew must already have his phone off, he doesn’t get the message and a car is driving up to the house. Gerbert, Knox, and Satu get out of the car, they are surrounded by magic. This is one of those moments, where you want to scream at the TV! Diana and Matthew are oblivious to the danger and are calmly preparing. At the moment when Diana tells Matthew to put his foot down, Satu blows the door down. It’s a shame that she seems to have regained her magic. The episode ends with Diana turning her head at the sound. This is a cruel cliffhanger. Diana and Matthew should have taken that step back in time, but it doesn’t seem like they do. Did they make it? If not, then what is going to happen? Will the house protect them from Satu, Knox, and Gerbert? Can they just try again before they are attacked?

I have been amazed at the amount of detail and information that is packed into each episode. This was the season finale and at the end of episode 7 there was still quite a bit to be covered. Once again the key points were covered in this episode and I didn’t feel as though anything truly important was missing. Bravo to the writers and producers for managing to keep our story so true to the books.

How long will we have to wait for season 2? There have been hints online that filming preparations have begun. I hope it all goes quickly and that we in the US won’t have to wait as long for season 2 as we had to wait for season 1.



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