Avengers Endgame: Coming to Terms with The End

If you’re like me, you have been thinking about Avengers Endgame since the day you watched it. Some of you may be lucky enough to have seen it more than once by now and I genuinely commend you for putting yourself through the emotional abuse that many times. I wanted to wait to post my review, mostly to give people time to see the movie and also to allow the Russo spoiler ban to lift. So, with fair warning there will be spoilers galore!!! Let’s begin, shall we?

Act 1

Well, I can officially say that this is the first time just the damn “MARVEL” logo at the beginning made me start tearing up (wait, psych, the Stan Lee tribute sure did). So we really just get right into it. Avengers Endgame opens up with a seriously heartbreaking scene with Hawkeye. Like c’mon, did they have to go there?! I mean yes they did, but man that was so sad. Then, next up is an even more heartbreaking scene with Tony and Nebula floating in space losing all their life force. Tony is saying goodbye to Pepper as he falls asleep. Lo! They are saved by Captain Marvel! She came out of no where to save the day and it was pretty awesome.

They come back to Earth and Tony is so over all of it that he really does not want to try to deal with anything. I get it, he’s been through a lot and does not want to lose anything else. Eventually, the remaining Avengers discover where Thanos is hiding out because he uses the Infinity Stones. When they get there it turns out that he’s destroyed the Infinity Stones and all hope is supposedly lost. Thor beheads him and, defeated, they all go back home.

Five Years Later

We fast-forward five years and seriously everyone is doing their own thing. Steve is running a “survivors anonymous” type thing, Natasha let her hair grow out, and Bruce has come to terms living as intelligent Hulk. Natasha seems to be the only one still holding on to hope. She still has hope there could be something they discover that could help make things the way they were. Can we talk about her hair? I think that’s really important thing to note. Here is someone who truly took pride in herself and always looked sharp. That’s not just a “because she’s a woman” thing, no, that’s a real thing to note about her. The fact that she was so focused on finding Hawkeye and figuring out a way to get people back really shows. I love her, but more on that later.

Scott comes out of nowhere and finds the world in its current state. He has absolutely no idea where he is, or more like when he is. When he finds out that the world has been reduced by half he panics to tries to find Cassie. Which he does! He decides to show up at the Avengers’ doorstep and that’s when they realize that time travel using the Quantum Realm could be a possibility. Bring in Tony and that’s when their plan is born.


This movie is full of laughs. I especially loves the little jokes sprinkled here and there, like the taco scene and basically anything with Rocket. Thor was probably one of the most interesting changes. He really took losing Asgard, and then losing the battle with Thanos, to heart. He still had his amazing sense of humor though. Watching him trash talk a child on Fortnite was something I never realized I needed until that moment! I loved that they just made him so real in this movie. He had given up and his friends brought him back to show him what was really important. Also, the moment with his mom was so touching.

I am really happy that they kept the tone light-hearted when they needed to. It made the whole movie feel less bogged down with sadness, something that I felt Infinity War was lacking. I really did like Avengers Endgame more than I liked Infinity War too. This felt so much more complete and it had everything I was hoping for. The moments of story-building in Avengers Endgame actually felt necessary and I did not feel like that movie was three hours! Infinity War really did not do it for me like Avengers Endgame did!


The Original Avengers

Let’s talk about Tony. He really has been more heartfelt since the first Avengers and even Age of Ultron. His entire character arc is incredible. Tony is truly the epitome of a heroes journey and they end it so beautifully for him. He comes full circle, he has a daughter for f*s sake and he basically has a son in Peter! I have always loved Tony, even though he sort of sucks in Civil War, and I genuinely think they gave him an incredible send off. He got to see all of this work that he’s done come together, he started the Avengers and he actually kind of ended it too. “I love you 3000.”

Cap, Steve Rogers, that was another character send off that I absolutely loved. He has always been the perfect golden boy and it was fun to see his transformation to the more jaded, but open to anything, Avenger. He was always there to give the pep talk and was always there to keep everyone together. I am really excited to see where they go with Falcon as Captain America. I was surprised at the choice to give the shield to him and not Bucky, but I understand why they did that! The entire audience definitely screamed/cried when Captain America finally said “Avengers assemble!” Well, I sure did! I also love that Tony and Steve reconciled, because otherwise that would have been a very sad ending! I really love that they finally allowed Cap to be happy. He got his girl!

The Black Widow Conundrum

Black Widow…Black Widow and Hawkeye. My heart. That scene was so tough to get through. I did not realize the implications of the fact they were going to get the Soul Stone until they showed the scene of the mountain. That’s when it hit me “OH SH**, Black Widow is going to die”. Then I tried to reason with myself saying that she was going to be fine and they were going to be able to trick it and make it so both survived. Nope. That definitely is not what happened. I hate that Hawkeye did not let her make the decision and tried to sacrifice himself but I get why they did that. It would have been wholly out of character for him to be like “ok yeah you go”.

They really yo-yo’d Black Widow in my opinion. She was badass in the first Avengers and then sucked in Age of Ultron. She was one of the original Avengers, yet they treated her so poorly. I read an article that mentioned how they did not have an on-screen funeral for her and I genuinely did not mind that, but I think they really could have given her a bit more of a send off.

I do like that they addressed her death with the Avengers by the lake, but it almost felt like they brushed past it pretty quickly. Of course, Clint did not, but the rest of them sort of seemed like Tony’s death far surpassed their mourning of Natasha. I wanted more from her. I wanted that strong and killer role model that I expected from her and I got it on occasion, but it felt like they just blew past her and tried to put all of the “strong female empowerment” into Captain Marvel instead.


That final battle scene gave me goosebumps. It was incredible to see everyone working together and I really felt like it was a complete movie. I will admit that I absolutely loved the female fan-service so much in that moment! It didn’t feel egregious or gross to me. It felt perfect. Plus “God is a woman.” Spiderman was great, Valkyrie was great, Pepper was great. Rocket attack-hugging Groot was great! It was all great! I loved how they all came together and seriously, just writing this review is making me want to go see it again.

Also, holy crap Scarlet Witch! That line when Thanos says “I don’t know who you are” and she says “You will”. I got teary eyed! He took everything from her! It was right that she got to whoop his ass as much as she did! Then Captain Marvel just popping in to destroy some stuff and be awesome. I loved that. Nebula finding her voice and then being able to take down her past self was a really symbolic moment too.

Wrapping it up with the Captain America scene really made it seem like they were tying a nice bow on the original Avengers. I love that they did that. Who was the kid at Tony’s funeral by the way? Can anyone elaborate who that was?

REALLY QUICK NOTE: what does Loki disappearing with the Tesseract mean! Did that timeline get erased or is that what the Loki TV show is going to be about?! I really think that means he’s still alive and I can’t wait to see that.


I really did love Avengers Endgame. It was pretty close to perfect and I genuinely will admit it is probably my favorite of the Marvel movies. I am beyond excited for the future of the MCU and I really cannot wait to see how everything will move forward from here. It is really hard to say goodbye to some characters that we all love, but I know that Marvel will never let us forget them and will always bring them to the forefront of our memory.

I bawled when the credits rolled and they started doing the signatures and little send-off for the original Avengers. I was sobbing so much I could not stop. The thought of this being the end for such an incredible journey is hard to believe. To know that I have been there the entire time watching the movies on opening night or within the week that they came out. It has been a huge part of my life. I know I did get a bit of Marvel fatigue near the end with Ant-Man and the Wasp and dragging my feet to see Spiderman, but man I’m wholly invested again. Marvel really captured what was incredible about this franchise in Avengers Endgame and it really brought back all of the emotions and memories I have felt and experienced over these 11 years. I am truly proud to be a nerd!




Avengers Endgame was a beautiful masterpiece full of comedy and despair. The CG was gorgeous as always, the story was on point. Even during the small story building parts it was entertaining, and every character really felt like they had their moment. I really loved how they gave Tony his send off and I was very touched by Captain America’s ending as well. Black Widow’s character really had a tragic ending, but it was perfect to see her finally show her true colors and prove herself.

This is a movie that people are going to be talking about for ages. People have experienced 22 movies, almost 11 years, and a lot of love and tears thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I sit here writing through tears because of my feelings over this whole experience and I am really thankful and happy to have been a part of it since the very beginning. I am absolutely excited about what Marvel has in store for us next.



What did you think of Endgame?! Tell us in the comments below!

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