Phoenix Fan Fusion Panels Galore!

Phoenix Fan Fusion is just 15 days away and the panel list is growing! There is really something for everyone at this event and you can check out the panels here!

Set Up

It’s a really easy site to navigate and I absolutely love how they set it up. You can check out panels by interests or as they say “Find your Fandom” and I love that! The special guests also have panels spread out over the weekend, most notably:

Elijah Wood will be on Friday May 24 at 11:45am in 301BCD

Fan Fusion

Jeff Goldblum will be on Saturday May 25 at 12pm in 301BCD!

There is so much going on and everyone going will be able to find something fun to explore. Not only are there panels on the celebrities but there are panels for Cosplaying, Cosplay photography, board games, video games, horror, books, and more! There are workshops for writing as well! Each day and each workshop offers a different look at a perspective of a story. From beginning to end you could workshop a full story at the con! Keep in mind, these do cost an extra $8 per workshop, but to some that could be well worth it!

You can also enjoy a variety of 18+ panels that are ongoing throughout the weekend! These include trivia, adult conversations about your favorite fandom, comedy shows, and even a burlesque show (which does cost extra). If any of those pique your interest be sure to have ID ready at the panel door!

ALSO! Don’t forget to check out the exhibit hall and grab yourself some awesome swag!

This is an Aladdin that was on the back of an elephant this cosplay group made. It was insane.


Now, the masquerade at Phoenix Fan Fusion is nothing to mess around with. You simply cannot miss it! The MC is hilarious and fun to listen to, the costumes are out of this world, and the competition is always so strong. They always have some awesome intermission and a few years back they allowed anyone who was dressed up to walk onto the stage in a giant parade and strut their stuff for the audience! Last year got a bit messed up because of the fire alarm debacle, but I imagine this year is going to be just as great as 2017 was! The Masquerade will be on Saturday May 25 at 8pm in 301BCD!

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