Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Preview l FearThe Walking Dead 5.4 l Skidmark

Saw “Rocketman” last night with bestie SS and have had Elton John blasting all day. Now, after seeing the FTWD S5 E4 promos, Elton’s “Daniel” lyrics are firmly entrenched in my brain. You know them, right?

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane
I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain
Oh, and I can see Daniel waving goodbye
God, it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes

They say Spain is pretty though I’ve never been
And Daniel says it’s the best place that he’s ever seen
Oh, and he should know, he’s been there enough
God, I miss Daniel, oh I miss him so much, oh

Daniel my brother you are older than me
Do you still feel the pain of the scars that won’t heal?
Your eyes have died but you see more than I
Daniel you’re a star in the face of the sky
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Can’t help but think the FTWD writers had this song in mind when they came up with this Season 5 storyline. It does seem like Daniel’s eyes have died, huh, and heaven knows Strand gave him some scars that likely won’t heal.

So, will Daniel travel somewhere on his plane Sunday night? This IMDb episode description is no help: Charlie makes a friend, while Strand, Wendell, and Sarah’s rescue mission hits a snag; Alicia, Luciana and Morgan struggle to fulfill their mission.

Neither is the AMC Sneak Peek. It’s all about Charlie and the newest cast member, Skidmark.

From the preview, though, it looks more like Daniel will lose his plane and hit the road again. No one gets a break in FTWD land, except maybe John and June as I couldn’t find them in the preview. Makes my eyes leak just thinking about them.

What I did find in all these AMC promos? Sarah and Wendell are back! As much as I loved the J2 Wild Wild West Show, I missed this dynamic duo.

Mo Collins as Sarah, Daryl Mitchell as Wendell- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Skidmark may be a one and done. He was sticking his cute little nose awfully close to a bunch of walkers.

And he isn’t the only skidmark we’ll see. Al’s vehicle comes sliding back into view. Please, please, please let her be in it.

More camper kids sneaky shenanigans await. Still can’t believe they’re the ones who set up that walker perimeter, nope, not by themselves.

Bailey Gavulic as Annie, Ethan Suess as Max – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

AMC, Sunday night, 9/8c – be there or be square. (Does anyone ever say that anymore?) Can’t wait to see your reactions!

Did you pick up any other tidbits from the promos?


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