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Review l FTWD 5.3 Humbug’s Gulch l A Kinder, Gentler Apocalypse?

By: Karen Kennedy Rutledge
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Well, Alicia, thought you’d moved into a kinder, gentler apocalypse, huh? You of all people should have known that if it feels too good to be true, IT IS!

Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

We may not know exactly what’s hiding within that walker-lined perimeter but my guess is those camper kids have nothing kind nor gentle in mind. So glad for Alicia that she had at least a moment to experience hopefulness, though. It’s one of the things I loved about “Humbug’s Gulch” and here’s more, along with what made me LOL, and think, “Really?!” plus a few of your reactions.

As I said last week, John & June are my perfect antidote to the FTWD zombie apocalypse. Add in this week’s Wild Wild West Show twist and the J2 show totally stole my heart.

Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

John’s “Six Gun Sam” San Antonio Split with his sidekick June “Annie Oakley” Bug watching his back was perfection. Outstanding performances by Garrett and Jenna.  I think they deserve their own Western theme song.

Also loved Dwight finally making his “The Walking Dead” cross-over appearance. We love him even if Neegan’s Dwighty Boy has done a lot of bad things, all for Sherry, of course, who made her own sacrifices for him. Here’s a little BTS on the crossover character collisions.

It crossed my mind that Dwight could have been the one who set up the perimeter. Anyone else? Guess it could still be true. Hmm…

Either way, lucky for him that he collided with the right group. Loved how Morgan forgave him and paved the way for his acceptance into the group. Hope Morgan doesn’t end up regretting his decision.

Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC


Overall episode 3 seemed a tad lighter than the first two eps from Season 5. I found myself cheering and had an LOL moment when, during the shootout, the walker stumbled up to the Gulch photo opp cardboards. Yes, sir, walkers … step right up, get a snap then get taken out by Dwighty Boy. I live for the little things!


Not such a little thing? Those camper kids were the ones stringing up intestine walkers and car roadblocks, really? It was a stretch for me to believe they set up that perimeter all alone. They definitely could be in cahoots with Dwight or someone yet to be seen? Did you see their involvement coming?


Thought I’d add other fan reactions to my weekly lineup. Loved these two tweets that were on the same wavelength about those camper kids.

This tweet got me thinking about Madison. I’ve missed her. How about you?


My episode take away? Thank you for these reunions and please let them continue. If Dwight is truly worthy, may he find Sherry and live as happily ever after as possible. I’ll take every bit of kindler, gentler storyline they throw our way.

And that takes me back to Madison. It seems many fans miss her. Would you bring her back?



Finally, did you know that Colman Domingo directed this ep? Brandon Davis gets all the deets in this interview. Enjoy!

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