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Outlander: Caitriona’s S5 Wrap-Up Twitter Q&A

Part 2 of the Q&A fest! Caitriona sat down to answer fan questions this afternoon.


Q With yours and Sam’s movie success will you be staying with Outlander untl completion of story lines and books? We love your success but don’t want to see you guys not see it until the end. We love you guys!
A We will stay as long as y’all want us and watch us.
A (from Keith Kikki Fleming, “Lesley”) Can I stay…?!


Q (from Nick Fletcher, who played Father Fogden) Do you think the time is right for a #FatherFogden reboot/spinoff series? Maybe call it Better Co Co. Lots of Yupa, goats, and ecstatic preaching. Father Fogden turns supergrass when Mamacita takes over a massive drug operation out of Saint Domingue. Could be massive.
A I think it should be called Better Call Coco… Father (ps we miss you!)

Q In the books the more time goes by the hotter the Frasers get… will this season portray their marriage as passionate as that we have seen in the first seasons?
A We ALWAYS bring the heat!!!

Q Any idea how long the “drought” will be between seasons 5 and 6? I know you all need a break but hoping not this long. Also, will you and Sam stay with the series til the end of the books? (certainly hope so) Your work is amazing, always!
A We should be starting filming again as soon as soon as scripts are ready. Hopefully May… so … yeah I’ve no idea…

Q Sassenach  tartan scarves were soon sold out: did you get the chance to buy one? You would certainly slay!
A No, nor did I get one for Christmas. Signed…. disappointed…
A (from Outlander) :0 Sam Heughan!

Q What is your favorite Bree and Claire scene? (those are always some of my favorite scenes to watch)
A So many. I just love this woman @SkeltonSophie and she is awesome as Bree. I would love more Bree and Claire scenes… @OutlanderWriter can you hear me??? More Bree and Claire

Q How’s married life?
A Great! Thanks…


Q I asked Sam but didn’t get an answer so I’ll ask you. This was a great picture, but what on Sam’s phone has his rapt attention? At least he’s trying to keep you and Sophie warm.
A Probably just the camera. He loves to look at himself…

Q Will you get a Sassenach tattoo to commemorate Claire like Emilia Clarke got dragon tattoos?
A Nope.. my mother would kill me.

Q Would you be interested in trying your hand at writing (or co-writing an episode of Outlander at this point in the game (i.e. Season 6)? Hint: We’d LOVE that.
A Well you’d have to talk to the man in charge but hey… I’d love to take on new challenges…I’d love to start directing soon.

Q Can I call you Caitwoman after you kissed two batman?
A Meow…

Q As a preschool teacher, I adored the scene on the boat when Claire tells Jamie about the book “Goodnight Moon” that she would read to Brianna. Did you have a favorite childhood book growing up?
A All the Hans Christian Anderson books featured heavily.

Q Any word on whether there will be seasons beyond number 6? There are so many great story lines in the later books and (Diana) has hinted that there may yet be a 10th book!
A That’s a decision that will be made by Starz I assume  based on how well the  next two seasons go… so keep watching if you want more.

Q If you could play in any Marvel movies, what would it be?
A Wait I went to see the big last one where they all come together… was that not the end??? I mean if RDJ dies what else can there be???

Q How do we sneak Eddie into an episode next season???
A Petition @TallShipsProds (Maril Davis)

Q Come on answer meeeeee
A Yes???

Q You and Sam were producers this past season, will that continue next season and how did you like the experience?
A Yes we will and it’s been great. A steep learning curve. Definitely felt we really started to enjoy it and had more of an effect as the season went on. It’s a great show that we love, so to be a deeper part of that is amazing.


Q How do you think Claire would react to 2019? Especially during this fight for women’s equality? Would she be out there in the middle of the marches and protests?
A She’d be totally peed off and out there marching!

Q What has been your most favorite story twist in Outlander so far? Also how fantastic to work with Maria Doyle Kennedy, adore her!
A We LOVE (Maria)… in fact one of the twists in her story line is my fav ever! Murcasta ♥♥♥

Q Does it get easier to play Claire over time because you know her so well or is it harder because she deals with more heavy/heartbreaking things?
A It’s always a challenge. And that’s what’s so amazing about it.

Q If you could do anything in the world now, what would it be?
A Get rid of all the plastic pollution in the ocean.

Q Is there a country you’d like to visit that you’ve never had the chance to?
A Mongolia…atop of my list.

Q Who inspires you
A My awesome group of lady friends… (includes my sisters)

Q What would you love for Christmas? Any favorite music or concerts you’d love to see right now?
A Just got my Nick Cave tickets for next year so I’m pretty damn happy about that.

Q Is it a wee bit hard to see yourself with some gray hair and wrinkles as Claire ages? Still beautiful tho.
A No it’s good… it helps counter balance all the crap pressure I feel from all the bombardment of pictures and ads about how we should all look like teenagers. We shouldn’t. Wrinkles equals time equals life… trying to love them.

Q All seasons combined, what was the hardest thing you had to do in Outlander?
A This last episode of season 5 may have been the hardest yet!

Q How did you get into acting? Would love to try, but highly intimidated!
A Find a good class. Keep studying and find out where there are auditions. Backstage Magazine is always a good place to start.

Q Are you a night owl like Claire?
A Unfortunately yes. Which ain’t great for early call times. In my perfect world I’d sleep  until 11 and go to bed at 1:30 am.

Q Favorite horror movie? Action movie? Fave comedy?
A Full Metal Jacket. Has a bit of all of the above.

Q Are you excited to come back to France?
A Mais oui!

Q What did you most enjoy about working on Dark Crystal? Such a fun universe to be a part of!
A Seeing the work of the amazing puppeteers… and also just being silly and doing voices… so fun.


Q How can we make the world a better place?
A Be kind. To everyone. And use less stuff!

Q Do you dislike Sam now because you don’t seem to enjoy doing interviews with him anymore like in S1-s3 promo tours?
A yes I hate him. We never smile anymore together. Or have fun. Or hang out (sticking out tongue emoji) Or… if you really look for the worst in a situation  you will find it!

Q What’s your favorite thing about Sophie and Sam?
A About Sam… he’s got a huge heart and Sophie is one of the most wonderful, thoughtful, and soulful people I’ve ever met.

Q How are you today? I hope you’re doing great, sending all my love.
A Aww thanks. I’m good. A little tired by feeling happy and ready for my last day tomorrow.

Q Have you shadowed any of the Outlander directors?
A Not yet. I have just been magpieing all their moves into my little notebook (waaahaaahaaahaaa)


Q Best cat: Eddie or Adso?
A Like that’s even a competition… this one!!!

Q Was a bit disappointed that we didn’t see any wedding pictures of you and Tony. Was there a reason why we couldn’t see you as a bride?
A Cause that was for me, my husband and my family. Sorry… but thank you for the love.

Q Any book recommendations?
A There There by Tommy Orange. So good!


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