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Outlander: Sam Gives A S5 Wrap Up Q&A

We’re having a Q&A Fest! Outlander announced this week that our four principal actors would do individual Q&As on Twitter. Here’s the first one, from Sam Heughan! He answered as many fan questions as he had time for. THURSDAY ADDITION! Sam answered several questions on Instagram. I’ve added those to the bottom of this post.

Q Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A So funny, probably still finishing season 7 press??!  😊

Q Any new projects while you are off?
A Yes! Start a new one in December, playing a famous Actor… plus Bloodshot and SAS Red Notice.

Q Have you already seen Le Mans ’66 (Ford vs Ferrari)? What did you think? (Caitriona) was absolutely fantastic in is, wasn’t she?!
A Not yet!! Everyone went Friday but I was working. I cannot wait, I’ve heard she’s amazing (as always!)

Q only have time for one question before work so here we go: what is one American custom/ mannerism/ word that you will never understand??
A When asking for “water”…. Americans don’t understand u less you say “Wahder”!!? 😂

Q I would like to know if there are any scenes in seasons 1_4 that you believe you could act better. If there are any, I would appreciate to know only one scene that you regret the most.
A An actor always feel they could do more. But more is not always better!?

Q do you currently have a favorite show to binge??
A On Caitriona’s suggestion I like Succession with fellow Scot Brian Cox

Q Is more producing in your future?
A Yes! I have a few projects I’m pitching and developing. It’s fun to have other projects to work on at same time

Q Would you also like Jamie and John to be together?
A In a series. Yes!!

Q The thing that everyone is missing is that we are on the verge of runaway climate change and we need a complete re-think of the global economy to ensure a just society & avoid planetary catastrophe.
A I agree. Doing the best we can is a start. It’s hard, I try to make small changes. Society does need a huge change though. I hope we do soon.

Q Will you be promoting your whisky in the US?
A You’ll be seeing it soon!!

Q How does one make love without making love?
A Watch season 5 and find out!


Q What was it like working with Vin Diesel?

Q Congrats on the Sassenach Tartan! Does sold out mean sold out forever?
A The whole new collection will be out Fall 2020! We are amazed at how quickly it sold out! Hope everyone likes them!! #quality

Q They told us you are filming on a moor in Somerset. What will you bring with you as it will be very interesting.
A We were… or “someone” was….!!! “Something”?

Q Favourite food during Christmas?

Q Are all of the lines used in the Outlander episodes totally scripted or are there lines filmed that are ad libbed? Can you share any scene lines from prior seasons that were off script/ad libbed and then actually used in an episode?
A Some episodes are more strict than others. But we have a lot of say. The writers are fantastic on the show and it’s so fun to collaborate. We are lucky, 6 years on the show, gives you a solid base. The last eps we were heavily involved.

Q Favourite Christmas song?
A Fairytale of New York!

Q Where can we watch SAS Red Notice in 2020? Can’t wait!
A Hopefully in the spring!

Q Did you like the Game of Thrones finale?
A I actually haven’t seen the last season… I did love previous ones though!

Q Most fun on set this season?
A So many great actors this season! We have a funny cast! #wales

Q People ranging in ages 18-85 need to know… (especially my 74 year old best friend, Lucy. She says her happiness depends on knowing the answer). Question: we want to know if you are in love today.
A Yes I am. With Lucy.

Q What has been the most difficult episode to shoot?
A It’s a great season. Difficult for everyone! For Jamie Eps 7… 9…. 12!!!!!?

Q Any plans to tread the boards again with some theatre? Got a fave play in mind?
A Would love to. Once schedule allows! Maybe some new writing. Or Shakespeare.

Q Any standout directors this season?
A Many! I think you’ll see!

Q Have you watched The Crown season 3 already? Everyone is saying Tobias Menzies is INCREDIBLE.
A I want to binge it. He’s amazing in everything! As are the whole cast! Can’t wait!


From Sam’s Instagram on Thursday:

And one last pic:

Read Caitriona’s Q&A here!

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