Christmas Gifts for the Star Trek Fan

Yes, December is dawning, but there’s still time to get the gift that keeps on giving at warp factor 7 – for someone you care about or just something you want to put in your own stocking. Star Trek Christmas gifts are that rare “something special” that let’s the nerd revel in Kirk, Spock, L’Rell, Picard, Riker and all the other that have helped create a world we all love.

So, here’s a look at some Star Trek Christmas gift items that the Klingon or Andorian in your family might enjoy – even if that’s you. Qa’pla!!

A Taste of Star Trek: 
Star Trek Wines has produced a two pack of wines for the Star Trek fan. They produce small batch and limited edition collectible wines. The latest offering celebrates both Star Trek (TOS) and the upcoming Star Trek: Picard. This two pack of wine includes a 2016 Chateau Picard Cru Bourgeois Bordeaux (from the actual Chateau Picard in France!) and a 2017 Special Reserve United Federation of Planets Old Vine Zinfandel.
Cost: $110
To order:

Starfleet Academy Graduate:
Remember that dream we all had about attending Starfleet Academy, getting our commission, and joining Kirk, Picard or Janeway in the stars. Well, here’s a chance to prove you did it. Make that dream a reality with the Starfleet Academy Personalized Certificate. Hang it on your office wall to proudly display your fandom and show that you’ve graduated Starfleet with honor.
Cost: 34.95
Order at:

For the Cat Lover:
So, you love cats and Star Trek with the same passion? Good. Then this little beauties are just what you’re looking for. These statues,  based on artwork by Jenny Parks, reimagine Kirk and Spock as adorable cats, posed as if they were leading the Enterprise to seek out bold new worlds in pursuit of knowledge and catnip. The Spock cat comes on a transporter inspired base, and Kirk cat lounges in his command chair.
Cost: James T. Kirk Cat, $59.99, Spock Cat, $39.99.
To order:

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 2 blu-ray:
The excitement around Star Trek: Discovery is very real and here’s your chance to once again watch Season 2 of this bold new Star Trek iteration. The blue-ray Features all 14 episodes, two Short Treks, and four hours of featurettes — including audio commentaries and a gag reel — the Discovery fan in your life will be thrilled to revisit the second season ahead of 2020.
Cost: $34.99
To Order:

What Would Chekov do?
Well, for one thing he’d know that when it’s time to look for the nuclear wessels, a couple hots of vodka would help. Ten-Forward Vodka is the perfect gift for the Star Trek fan that channels his or her inner Chekov. Not only is it delicate enough to be either drunk straight or added to a favorite cocktail.
Cost: $29.99
To Order:

The Uniform:
You keep seeing them at comic cons and other events, and now you want one. What could brighten up Christmas morning better than pulling a Star Trek uniform from a box or bag? Here, there’s an assortment of uniform types and styles – from TOS through Star Trek: Discovery – for men and women (and your dog?). Are you ready to rock your Star Trek light? Then snag a replica uniform that will have you feeling like a five year mission to explore new worlds is right up your alley.
Cost: Varies depending on uniform.
To Order:

All About Picard:
Want to get in on the ground floor of the new Star Trek series, Picard? Good, there’s a place you can snag a bevy of items that are tied into this new show. From cups to sweaters to T-Shirts and blankets, there’s already plenty of cool items out there designed to celebrate one of Star Trek’s favorite captains. Well, he’s back and so are some wonderful holiday items that you’ll enjoy for many years.
Cost: Varies by item
To Order:

On the Tree With Glee:
You may have the Christmas tree up and rolling, but there’s something missing, something you know you need hanging from that tree. A Star Trek themed ornament hanging from the tree would be perfect and here’s where you can get them. Hallmark Star Trek ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for turning that Christmas tree into another version of perfection – Star Trek perfection.
Cost: Starting at $7
To order:

Communicate This:
You want something that says Star Trek cool? Well try this, a Star Trek bluetooth communicator. Snag this cool little item and just wait for the phone calls to come rolling in and the reaction when you whip this out. It’s perfect for the Star Trek fan that wants to own a little piece of this iconic series.
Cost: $149.95
To order:

The Ferengi Rules:
A fan of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? Ever wonder just how many rules of acquisition there are in the Ferengi world…and what they are? Well, here’s your chance to find out with this book, The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. This is a cool little add-on to your love of DS9 and a chance to get a little more Ferengi influence in your life. Time to water down the Kanar.
Cost: $8.68
To Order:

I Wanna Be Like Worf:
Well, you can’t, but you can get the next best thing, a Funko POP Worf Action figure. That’s right, the fun of Funko POPs combined with our favorite security officer and all-around honor-seeking Klingon. Worf is one of the Star Trek world’s favorite characters, so here’s your chance to have a reminder of just how much Worf gave to Star Trek, and you.
Cost: $41.20
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