Final Fantasy VII Remake – Theme Song Trailer

By: Robert Prentice
Final Fantasy VII Square Enix

The Final Fantasy VII remake has been a project long in the making. In fact, many thought it would never happen. When we finally got to see proof of concept, everyone was excited. Then questions came out about format. Square Enix said that they would be breaking the game up into episodes, with the first release only covering Midgar. It should come as no surprise that the game would get split. The original game was unique in its time on the PS1 when it required multiple discs. Rather than cut large chunks out of the story, they decided they would need to break it up. Personally I am okay with that. I would rather see them use everything the original game had to offer.

The game took another small blow when the release date was pushed back from March until April 10. It’s not a long wait but it certainly feels that way. In the meantime, the game makers released another game trailer featuring the remakes official new theme song. The song titled “Hollow” is from Nobuo Uematsu (who did the music for the original game), with vocals by Yosh.

The trailer starts out with an idealistic young Cloud who wants to be the best solider he can, like his idol Sephiroth. It’s a poignant scene elevated by the musical score of the title new song. It is also a reminder of the irony of that love for Sephiroth later in the story. In a behind the scenes video about the music, the composer and singer talk about how the song is meant to represent Cloud and his foggy memory.

I will admit as a watched the trailer and listened to the music it brought me back. All the hours of my youth spent playing Final Fantasy VII. I am excited for it to be released. Plus now the original game has a port to the Nintendo Switch so you can still play the original version.

Check out this behind the scenes video to learn more about the theme song, and hear more of the song played out.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, arriving worldwide April 10, 2020.

Theme Song ‘Hollow’ credits:

  • Music: Nobuo Uematsu
  • Vocals: Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet)
  • Lyrics: Kazushige Nojima / Translation: Ben Sabin, John Crow
  • Arrangement & Synthesizer Programming: Kenichiro Fukui
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