Mulan | Super Bowl Final Trailer


Ah, the Super Bowl. The time of year where the hard hitting movies bring out amazing previews to excite audiences across the nation! Except.. this year? I don’t know about you, but I felt extremely underwhelmed by the previews this time around. Especially since a lot of them had already been shared. With that being said, one in particular caught my attention. Mulan!!

I am already extremely excited about this movie, because of my huge love for all things Disney and because of the fact that Mulan is hands down my favorite female in the Disney “princess” realm. Check out the trailer here:

This looks like a complete departure from the animated film, but in the best way. There is so much more to this movie than this preview is showing us. Right now, it seems like we have some similarities but mostly drastic differences. Of course, we all know there will not be a Mushu and there will not be singing. It also seems like this is a more serious version of the story. I’m sure there will be light-hearted parts, but I don’t think it will be as goofy as the original.


I am intrigued by the addition of the witch and I wonder what the story behind her is. The dynamic between her and Mulan already makes me so excited for her. The fact that she is probably the first to find out about Mulan’s true identity really gets me! I am really excited for this movie and plan to watch it as soon as possible! How will this unfold? Will Mulan win our hearts like she did in the animated version?

How do you feel about this final trailer? Are you on board for more serious Mulan? Let us know in the comments below!


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