Outlander Trading Cards S4 Now Available for Preorder!

Season 4 of the official Outlander Trading Cards are now available for preorder! Trading cards are a fun way to connect with the show and books –  Cryptozoic has published a set of cards for each season, and the newest season of cards will be out in May. These are full-color cards, and each season shows the entire story of the season. It also includes lots of extras! This post has been edited on 3/7 to add the newest information about the card set.

The most exciting extras are autograph cards – typically in each season, between 15 and 20 members of the cast sign cards – some as single autographs, some with multiple cast member autographs on one card (this season, there will be some cards with BOTH  Caitriona and Sam autographs). Another exciting inclusion are wardrobe cards – cards with small pieces of the actual fabric used in many of the season’s costumes.

This week, Cryptozoic also announced a brand new chase (extras) set – Outlander playing cards! Within each box, you’ll receive a 25th pack that will contain one suit (13 hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds) of the new playing cards. So in order to get all four suits, you’ll have to purchase a minimum of four boxes, and I’m sure that trading in the Facebook groups will be hot and heavy as everyone tries to trade the duplicate suits they’ve received for the suits they need.

The set will also include:

  • 72 card base set
  • Three chase sets of 9 cards each, featuring endearments from a Father to a Daughter; scenes from Fraser’s Ridge; and Character Portraits.
  • A 9-piece “puzzle” set of the season’s key art
  • The autograph and wardrobe cards (one of each included in each 24-pack box)
  • Variants of the base and chase sets – in past seasons, there have been several variants (with foil crests added), varying in rarity.
  • Print plates of each card – four for each card, one each in black, yellow, cyan and red

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A matching binder is also available. The binder will include an exclusive card – past binder cards have been either wardrobe or promotional cards.

Threeifbyspace.net is an authorized Cryptozoic dealer. We are currently taking pre-orders for S4 trading cards and binders! Sealed boxes (with 24 packs of 6 cards per pack) at $94.50, cases of 12 boxes at $1100, and binders at $39.99 are available. See our shop for single boxes, combos with 1 or 3 boxes plus binders, cases, and individual binders. Do you have questions about trading cards? Either leave a comment below, message me on Facebook or Twitter (Erin Adams Conrad or @ErinConrad2), or email me at erin.conrad@threeifbyspace.net!

If you collect the trading cards, join us on Facebook at Outlandish Trading!

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