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Yesterday during the Summer Game Fest they dropped the announcement of the Tony Hawk ‘s Pro Skater 1+2 remaster! A bit before its 21st anniversary we are going to revisit a true classic. Watch the announcement trailer and quick interview from Summer Game Fest below:

Tony Hawk

This announcement was something I was not expecting, but I am so freaking excited! The Tony Hawk video games are a huge part of my history as a gamer. When I was growing up I played HOURS (think 5000+) of these games and have insanely fond memories of playing them. Well, specifically THUG, THUG 2, and American Wasteland so I really have my fingers crossed this opens up that remaster opportunity. THUG was hands down my favorite of them all. The story, the tricks, the fact you could get off of your board and walk around! So awesome. I genuinely love this franchise, so hearing this truly made my week!

In the interview, Tony Hawk talks about how he had been hoping to revisit these games and how the opportunity was perfect. The man is an absolute legend and growing up in the 90s he was definitely a household name. Everyone I knew growing up had played a Tony Hawk game at some point in their lives. Heck, I even started skateboarding because of it. The Tony Hawk games have such a huge place in the hearts of many people so this announcement hit home!

Tony Hawk

Image courtesy of Summer Game Fest & Vicarious Visions


The developer on this one is Vicarious Visions and in the interview Jen Oneal talked about how excited she is for this game. They talk about bringing back classic controls for familiarity, but also making it feel more accessible for this generation of consoles. She also discussed adding in features from the later games to improve gameplay. For example, they added revert to create better and higher combos. There will also be couch co-op and online play! There is going to be a more improved skate park and skater creator that will allow you to create your local skate park.

Even the graphics on this game look great! Seeing that school and the warehouse brought back so many memories, but the craziest part is that in my mind I remember the games looking great. Seeing the side-by-side comparison is amazing because they looked so terrible and now they look fantastic! Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 Remastered releases September 4, 2020. You can preorder now and with your preorder you’ll get early access to the warehouse level!

Are you as excited about Tony Hawk remastered as I am? Let us know in the comments below!

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