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First off, who didn’t grow up absolutely loving Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes?! Today at Comic-Con@Home we celebrated 80 years of Bugs Bunny. The panelists included Billy West, Jeff Bergman, and Eric Bauza, Pete Browngardt, Leonard Maltin, Jerry Beck, and George Feltenstein and it was hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown.

Check out the panel below:

The panelist talked about how the Bunny himself influenced cartoons to this day and where the iconic character got his start. They also delve into how the character has changed over the years and how the references from the past are an important part of the character. I really enjoyed the fact that Bugs says “Fake news” in the new cartoon. He brings up things that are relevant to today’s society like he did 80 years ago! I also really enjoyed that all of the voice actors did voices throughout the panel. Getting a group of voice actors together is always a great time and this panel was no different.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny’s 80th!                                                               Image courtesy of Warner Brothers Media Comic-Con@Home

Yvette Nicole Brown was an excellent hostess and made it a very fun and enjoyable panel. There was a lot of discussion between the panelists themselves! It wasn’t just one person talking to the moderator like some of the other panels I’ve seen. Each of the panelists had their time to talk but also talked to each other and enjoyed the conversation a lot as well. You could tell that they really enjoyed getting to sit down and talk to each other, this panel felt a lot more comfortable and natural than a few others I have seen!

Did you guys tune in to the Bugs Bunny 80th anniversary extravaganza? If so, what was your favorite thing to learn about the history?

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