Cast and executives from The Order visited the virtual realm of ComicCon@Home Saturday afternoon.

Cast, Crew Of The Order Talk Season 2 – SDCC

Sadly, there was no surprise announcement that season 3 of The Order will be on the way to Netflix, but that didn’t stop many cast members and executives from stopping by ComicCon@Home Saturday afternoon to talk about season 2’s stories, relationships, and Jake Manley’s turn as the tree-bound Jack. It was a fun little romp through season 2’s issues and experiences from:
Jake Manley – “Jack”,
Adam DiMarco – “Randall”
Thomas Elms – “Hamish”
Devery Jacobs – ” Lilith”
Katharine Isabelle – “Vera”
Louriza Tronco – “Gabrielle”
Dennis Heaton – show creator and executive producer
Shelley Eriksen – executive producer and writer
Chad Oakes – executive producer
Mike Frislev – executive producer
Morris Chapdelaine – producer/moderator

The Order at ComicCon@Home.

Chapdelaine moderated the panel which not only took at a look at many of the arcs going on in season 2, but also some season 1 tie-ins to those arc. But getting stories pulled together was a pretty significant feat. “We sort of wrote ourselves into a corner last year,” said Heaton, who added that first week of writing season two was “just starring at a blank wall.”

Eriksen said the team just started “lobbing in” ideas from season 1 that they wanted to see fleshed out or answered in season 2 and the process in the writing room got rolling, building on things from season 1 they didn’t realize they’d had. And with that, the season 2 arcs began to take place – Werewolves joining the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, Vera’s magic being taken, Ian Zehring and Jason Priestly showing up, and much much more. Panelists talk about all of it, too.

Louriza Tronco noted that she’d felt her character, Gabrielle, had redeemed herself nicely in season 2 and added that “to be able to play a character that is super complex is a dream.” Likewise, Katharine Isabelle talked about the strange path that Vera walked in season 2, including losing her magic to Alyssa Drake (Sarah Drake), who looks like she may not be coming back from the werewolf bite to the throat, things kind of blowing up for the Order and her burgeoning relationship with Hamish.

The Order at ComicCon@Home.

“I love my character, love my clothes, I love this show, “said Isabelle of Vera’s consummate fashion style and sass. And, the character has gotten into a very popular place with fans in season 2, something she’s very pleased with. “Vera has may likable moments, it’s good to see people have grown fond of her.”

The quick 30-plus minute panel featured plenty of laughs and questions and answers from cast and crew, and though the hint of hoping for a season 3 announcement soon came often, there was no news to report. However, the panel concluded with a fun behind-the-scenes blooper reel.

To see the full panel, click here

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