The Mandalorian, season 1.
The Mandalorian, season 1.

ComicCon@Home: Virtual Panel Explores World Of VFX – Preview

San Diego Comic Con may not have a physical site this year, but it will certainly have an impressive virtual presence as ComicCon@Home continues to build momentum for this week’s action. Given that, if you have an interest in visual effects that go into shows like work like The Mandalorian, Borderlands 3, The Batman, God of War and others, there might be something right up your alley.

Halon Entertainment will host an impressive and deep panel on Friday, July 24, at 4 p.m. (Pacific Time), “Remote Real Time: The Age of Virtual Production,” that’s going to open some eyes and broaden minds in terms of what’s happening in entertainment in the virtual effects realm. The panel will be moderated by Christopher Ferriter (CEO and executive producer), with panelists Daniel Gregoire (owner, chairman, director), Ryan McCoy (senior previsualization supervisor), Kenny DiGiordano (virtual art department supervisor), Keith Fallon (previsualization supervisor), and Kristen Turnipseed (lead cinematic artist).

The panel will offer visitors a chance to meet the pioneering team from Halon Entertainment (The Mandalorian, The Batman, Logan, Ford v Ferrari, Borderlands 3, God of War, and the soon to be released, Free Guy) as their executive and creatives discuss virtual production, the impact of COVID-19, and the challenges of transitioning to a completely remote workforce, as well as how Hollywood can proceed with production during the pandemic utilizing real-time workflows.

Check out that Teaser Trailer here

To join the panel on Friday, click the link here.

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